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Family Rockabilly Band The Sea Monks Perform In The KPBS Studio

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San Diego family band The Sea Monks perform their coastal country tunes in the KPBS studio.

Speaker 1: 00:00 It seems like there's music everywhere during summertime in San Diego, and we've got some of our own on mid edition in a series we're calling our San Diego summer music series. There's always been something special about the sound of a family band. Think the Jackson five, the Allman brothers, the beach boys, San Diego has a family band of its own. This scene, monks, two brothers who love playing rockabilly than their dad. And finally they were joined by a guitar player. They couldn't help but call uncle. They recently performed and talked with us in the KPBS studio. Here are the sea monks with their version of Amos Moses. Oh, well.

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Speaker 1: 04:16 thank you so much. That was Amos. Moses performed by this sea monks and the seam OnX, our dad, Jason Kept Chin Ski on base. Noah Kapcinski vocals and guitar. Kai kept ski on drums and Uncle Eric quotes Jeff Houk on guitar then welcome to you all. Thanks for having us. Now let me ask you guys, Noah and Kai, did dad start you guys performing when you were kids? Well, we had been doing a thing as a, as a duo for awhile playing elementary school craft fairs and we really felt like we needed a bass player to fill out our sound. So we asked our dad to join us and he eventually decided that he wanted to and began taking base lessons about a base. You didn't know how to play the bass? I did not. In fact, I almost said no at first cause I was intimidated, but I'm real thankful.

Speaker 1: 05:03 I said yes. Now I have to tell everybody they wouldn't know by listening. But Noah, you're just turned 17 right? Yes. And Kai, you're 13 yes. 13 what got you into play music so early on? Well, my dad got me guitar lessons and got me a guitar because I was kinda interested in. But then when I really got into was when I first heard Johnny Cash. I heard him do Folsom prison blues and I kind of just immediately knew like that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be like Johnny Cash. So I'm just trying to chase that. And Chi did you want to be like Johnny Cash or did you want to be like Noah? I um, originally started off with violin lessons cause that's what my dad used to play when he was a kid and I thought it was like really cool cause it, my dad did it.

Speaker 1: 05:43 I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. So then I went to Guitar Mandolin and then finally ended up at drums. So yeah, I, I've always liked rock and roll kind of now really liking rockabilly starting to like country more and more. And a lot of the old hip hop stuff I like to, so we will, speaking of country, you performed Amos Moses, which was a big hit for country singer Jerry Reed back in the day. Do you guys perform mostly cover songs? Mostly, but we're working on more and more original material. And then you guys are going to be performing a song for us that you've written. Can you tell us what that is? Oh, the song's called gasoline and it's one of our originals, so, okay, thank you. Let's hear it.

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Speaker 1: 08:43 thank you. Gasoline performed by the sea monks. Thank you so much. Now Jason, a lot of times, I mean I just heard this, I don't know actually, but siblings don't along with each other. I mean sometimes it's that sometimes happens, sometimes happens. Does that happen in your family band?

Speaker 4: 09:02 These guys do pretty well for the most part, but just like any family that of course there are. There were moments and I would say early on that it was a little, I was a little bit of a referee, although I'm sure they'll tell you sometimes. It was me that as being the pain in the neck too, you know? But it's also just created a camaraderie that I think is really special.

Speaker 1: 09:19 What are the benefits that you see in working in a family band? Like what else has it done

Speaker 4: 09:24 as we've been doing this a few years now? I see, I see the boy's responsibility level going upward where they're now helping me more with like packing the gear and loading up without being asked as much. And I think I'm, they're learning a lot about a work ethic, you know, here we are, we, we worked, we lifted stuff, we set up or we're singing, we're sweating and people are putting money in the tip jar because we worked hard.

Speaker 1: 09:45 And Kai, what have you learned? You know, I've learned to uh, not argue as much with the guitar player and also like we were saying earlier, like seeing the money go on the tip jar. It definitely makes me want to work a lot harder. Like you see me playing at home a lot more, setting up my drum kit, just jamming out in the garage for a long time. So it definitely, definitely makes me want to work harder and go rehearse more and do all that. Thank you guys for being a part of our San Diego summer music series. Jason kept Chansky Noah Kaczynski, Kai Kapcinski and Uncle Jeff Houk, the sea monks. Thank you so much for being here. It's been great. Thanks for having us.

Speaker 2: 10:33 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 10:35 the sea play a variety of venues around the county. There'll be at Encinitas cruise night tonight, and you can see them this Saturday afternoon at the grand old barbecue. Flynn Springs, El Cahone. Now next week we feature the euphoria brass band.

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