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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Logan Lone Piano, 20 Women Artists Now, Flavia D'Urso, Feminist Film And 'Commedia Dell'Arte'

 April 2, 2021 at 9:15 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 If you're looking to get a dose of culture this weekend and still feeling a bit house-bound our arts picks this weekend, have a domestic spin to them from an exhibition of women, artists to a feminist film series that centers on gender in the home. There's lots to see and do this weekend. Joining me is KPBS arts editor, Julia Dickson Evans, with all the details. Welcome Julia. Speaker 2: 00:22 Hi Jade. Thanks for having me. So Speaker 1: 00:24 In the North County, the ocean side museum of art reopens today, what's on view there. Speaker 2: 00:30 Yeah, so they have their 20 women artists now exhibition it's curated by Alessandra Moctezuma and there's tons of works. Some of my favorites are the glowing acrylic and color film sculpture by KRA Fukiyama. She had made this piece for the San Diego art prize show. Last year. There's also a bunch of figurative sculptures of Manulita Brown, including some new ones inspired by the last year. There's also in caustic work by mixed media artist. Might they Benito Nia? And all you do is you book a time slot to visit when you purchase your ticket in advance, Speaker 1: 01:07 The Oceanside museum of art 20 women artists. Now exhibition is on view. Now through August 1st, the museum is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 to five and Sundays until four. And the domestic geographies exhibition now at the front in San Ysidro has been underway since last month. And this week marks the launch of the associated film series. It's called home that obscure object of desire. Tell us about this. Speaker 2: 01:34 Yeah. So this is curated by Eatsa Martinez [inaudible]. She is a documentary filmmaker currently based in Tijuana. The program has six films. They're all iconic feminist works from the last 50 or so years from around the world. They're all viewable online for free, and they all kind of touch on these domestic gendered constructs. One example is Shanta Ackerman's short, 1968 work. It translates to blow up my town, the title it's a silent film and a woman just goes about her day. She does all of these mundane tasks like reading, feeding the cat, and then blows up the world. And there is on a more serious note. There's a full length, 2016 Mexican documentary called [inaudible], which Chronicles five survivors of domestic violence. And one that caught my eye was in 1975 work by American performance artists, Martha Rosler, it's called semiotics of the kitchen and she identifies and names, kitchen objects in alphabetical order and kind of pantomimes using them. It draws on the popularity of cooking shows of the time it's weirdly mesmerizing and here's a clip Speaker 3: 02:45 Greater hamburger, press ice pit. Speaker 1: 03:07 Um, very interesting. That's the short film semiotics of the kitchen from the domestic geographies film program films are available to stream on demand now through April 11th and in the theater world, the Globe's Friday night word up virtual event caught our eye and caught your eye this week. Tell us a little bit about this program and how we can all tune in. Yeah, Speaker 2: 03:29 Like a weekly theater masterclass Madlibs game and hang session. All combined. They bring in special guests to discuss come some kind of element of performance. And sometimes it's theater and sometimes it's theater adjacent or in storytelling or poetry. It's a live event you can participate if you'd like, but it's also available online in the archives to watch later this week's is Commedia dell'arte, which translates in Italian to comedy of the profession, which emerged in 16th century, Italy. It uses kind of archetype and stock characters for humor. And it also centers around masks, which is kind of timely. One of the earliest times also when women were able to portray women characters on the stage and the guests this week are Tijuana's Valerie at Vega. And Huizhou, Conterra, they're both part of the Tijuana theater scene and Conterra is also a renowned prop mask and costume designer. So I think it's going to be a really great discussion of theater, history of masks and design as well as character and comedy. And just to check in with what's going on on the Tijuana theater scene. Speaker 1: 04:39 Great word up is tonight at 6:00 PM on the old Globe's YouTube channel. And finally the Athenaeum arts center has been producing short recorded videos of solo piano music called the Logan loan piano concerts. Tell us about these. Speaker 2: 04:56 You can find quite a selection of them. There are stripped down piano performances and they post them on their YouTube channel. It's basically a single grand piano in the newly renovated Athenaeum art center space in Barry Logan. They've had jazz musicians like Joshua White Mara K Clinton Davis. And the latest is Carrie feller, who is from the dark wave bands Hexa and hours. She also has solo workout. So she's kind of more of a goth rock musician. It's really great to see her in this space and the raw piano stripped down format. She performed two pieces in her concert. Both of them are originals, and here's a little clip from prelude in terror. Speaker 3: 05:57 [inaudible] Speaker 1: 06:01 Sounds intense. Carrie fellers, Logan lone piano concert is viewable on the Anthony art center's YouTube channel. Now for more arts events or to sign up for Julia's weekly KPBS arts newsletter go to I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. Julia, thanks so much. Thanks Jane. Have a great weekend. You too.

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Our picks for weekend arts events include Carrie Feller's Logan Lone Piano Concert, 20 Women Artists NOW at Oceanside Museum of Art, Flavia D'Urso at Art Produce, Commedia dell'Arte at The Old Globe and a virtual feminist film program at The Front.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments