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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: 'Other Times, Other Places,' SD Master Chorale, 'What's That Sound,' Amir H. Fallah And 'Constellations'

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Our weekend arts picks include outdoor performances by San Diego Dance Theater and SD Master Chorale, a new filmed play at Coronado Playhouse, Lux Art Institute's outgoing regional artist-in-residence and a (virtual) first show from The Shell.

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend, the arts take on the great outdoors. We have outdoor dance performances, choral music in a garden, setting, a walking tour of art galleries and the symphony breaks in their new outdoor venue. Joining me is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dickson Evans with the details. Julia. Welcome.

Speaker 2: 00:18 Hi Jane. Thanks for having me. Well, let's

Speaker 1: 00:20 Start with Dan. So what does San Diego dance theater

Speaker 2: 00:23 Have to offer? Yes. So this performance, this weekend is actually the kickoff to a bigger, a bigger festival called dances in the air Fest, which is a collaboration between San Diego dance theater, malice shock dance, and San Diego ballet. And they'll run with more outdoor performances through mid June, but to start they're performing something called other times, other places on a brand new outdoor stage at arts district Liberty station, it's in the south promenade area. And for this first show, they're bringing together Terry Wilson's 2020 work called words move, which is set to and inspired by poetry like Rumi, Pablo Neruda, and contemporary living writers. And then they're also doing gene Isaacs, Phantom bodies revisited. That was originally a work that Isaacs did years ago centered on the aids pandemic. But Jean Isaacs has tweaked it a little for the COVID era. They're also performing Kembla, some funds purposely accidental apiece and bringing in guest artist and choreographer Resana Tavarez, and she'll perform a brand new work of hers called milonga Mia.

Speaker 1: 01:34 Very nice. San Diego dance theater performs outdoors at arts district Liberty stations, new outdoor stage tonight and Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 2:30 PM. And next another outdoor performance. This one with choral music. Tell us what the San Diego master Chorale is up to on Sunday.

Speaker 2: 01:54 So this is their first performance with a live audience since early last year. And there'll be performing at the water conservation garden at queen Maka college, which is one of those worth of visit. Anyway, places I've never seen it in the evening. So that will also be a nice opportunity too. And if you can't make it out, they will produce this as a live stream, but you will have to wait until June. So for this show on Sunday, they're calling it their spring garden concert and the Chorale is performing a handful of works in the shape note, or it's a congregational folk inspired singing tradition. Two of them are kind of nature inspired. Contemporary choral works won by Libby Larsen and one by Greg brown. And they're, bookending the show with works by contemporary black composers set to the poetry of Langston Hughes. There's one by Andre, J Thomas, and then this piece give as our piece by Rolla Dilworth and the group performed this with their high school honor choir in early 20, 20

Speaker 3: 03:09 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 03:13 That's San Diego master corral with give us our PE say Langston Hughes texts set to music by composer, Rollo Dilworth. The corral will perform outdoors at the water conservation garden on Sunday at 7:00 PM in the visual art world. You're going to walk us through three separate gallery openings happening on Saturday, all within a block of LA Jolla. Let's start with

Speaker 2: 03:37 Quint one. Yeah. So Quinn one is by appointment only, and they're opening an exhibition. That's a single work by San Diego artists, Peter [inaudible], and this works called heart song and is huge. It's kind of a swirl of celestial star scape, a bunch of color and light, and that one opens Saturday, but is only on view through June 19th

Speaker 1: 04:01 And Quint gallery recently moved their main space to Gerard avenue in LA Jolla to what, what are they opening

Speaker 2: 04:07 There? Yeah, it's just a quick walk. It gets you to the main Quint gallery about a block away. And Kelsey bricks is opening a solo exhibition there with 13 of his paintings and sculptures. These are all science inspired and kind of psychedelic and the works they picked pull from a bunch of his recent series. So it's kind of like a survey exhibition of Kelsey Berk's work. And the main gallery has open hours of 11 to four on Saturday. And you don't need an appointment for that one.

Speaker 1: 04:37 Um, and one more, some photography

Speaker 2: 04:39 Next door. Yeah, a neighboring gallery, the Joseph bellows gallery they're opening new solo photography works by Michael mono and he's photographed the facades of buildings around San Diego. A lot of industrial facades and national city, a lot of retro and mid-century stuff. It's all in this eerie black and white silver gelatin format and gallery hours. There are by appointment. Okay.

Speaker 1: 05:03 That's three exhibitions at Quint gallery Quint one and Joseph bellows gallery. And they all open on Saturday in a one block radius of LA Jolla. And finally, the symphony performs its first concert from their new outdoor venue, which was just officially named the Rady shell at Jacobs park. Tell us about

Speaker 2: 05:22 This. Yeah, this one, it's a virtual show for the audience, but it will be nice to see the symphony performing for the first time in the long awaited shell Raphael PRA will conduct the orchestra and they'll play Wagner his secret idle piece, which is really sweeping and elegant, kind of a sublime feeling. And then they're also doing a Mozart symphony, the Jupiter symphony, which is really bright and powerful.

Speaker 1: 05:47 The symphony will stream their concert called what's that sound first music from the shell tonight at 7:00 PM. I've been speaking with KPBS arts, Julia Dickson Evans, or details on all of these and more arts events or to sign up for Julia's weekly KPBS arts newsletter go to Julia, thank you so much.

Speaker 2: 06:09 Thank you, Jane. Have a great weekend. You too.

Speaker 3: 06:51 [inaudible].

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