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LATEST UPDATES: Racial Justice | Tracking COVID-19 (coronavirus)

SDUSD Only Has Funding To Reopen In Person For Half The School Year, Imperial County COVID-19 Spike, Police Use Of Tear Gas Widespread In U.S., Including San Diego And Betty Broderick Murders In Spotlight Again

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The outside of the San Diego Unified School District Education Center is shown on May 8, 2018.

San Diego Unified has a plan for reopening this fall but it depends on funding from the state and federal government. Plus, Imperial County officials thought the coronavirus would not hit the rural county hard but now it has the highest per capita infection rate in the state. In addition, tear gas has rarely been used against protesters in the U.S. in the past half-century, but that’s changed recently and it could worsen the spread of coronavirus. And, San Diego county officials got another rebuke from the courts this week as an appeals court panel rejected the county's Climate Action Plan. Also, after 30 years, the Betty Broderick murders are in the spotlight again as the case is being re-examined in a new Los Angeles Times podcast.

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