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San Diego County Seeing Steady Rise In COVID Hospitalizations

 August 5, 2021 at 1:19 PM PDT
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COVID-19 hospitalizations are steadily rising, with unvaccinated individuals making up the bulk of those affected. Also, with the Delta variant also infecting children too young to receive the vaccine, we decided to ask experts in infectious disease and public health how they’re keeping their children safe. Plus, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are moving quickly to vaccinate their vulnerable animals against COVID-19. In addition, an animal sanctuary near Alpine is helping push for national legislation to shut down the exotic animal trade. And, the pandemic exposed many inequities and the city of San Diego is working to fix at least one of them — the lack of parks in many underserved areas. Finally, the latest installment of KPBS' Summer Music Series dives into the high energy of folk band Finnegan Blue as the members talk about growing up in a musical family, music inspirations and more.