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inewsource, SDSU Prevail In Lawsuit Over Lease And More Local News

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The California Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging inewsource’s lease with San Diego State University. And, four protestors arrested at the border last year go on trial for trespassing. Plus, a supposed national shortage of a childhood cancer drug isn't affecting San Diego patients. San Diego’s Qualcomm is investing 200 million dollars into innovative companies developing new 5G technologies. Finally, a new rent control measure could land on California’s November 2020 ballot.

Speaker 1: 00:00 It's Monday, October 28th I'm Priya. Sure either and you're listening to San Diego news matters from KPBS coming up. The California Supreme court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging I new sources lease with San Diego state university and Colorado's most visited and beloved building. The air force Academy chapel will be closed four years for renovation. It's a sad day for a lot of us. Our old friend, my old friend needs some help that and more San Diego new stories coming up.

Speaker 1: 00:33 Thanks for joining us for San Diego news matters. I'm Priya Sri there four years after it began. A legal challenge to eye new sources. Lease agreement with San Diego state university has failed. The nonprofit news organization is a partner of KPBS and has office space inside our newsroom on the university's campus. I news source reporter Mary Plummer explains a dismissal by the California Supreme court and a series of lower court decisions. Wrap up the lengthy legal battle. I knew source and San Diego state prevailed against San Diego ins for open government. A nonprofit that had tried to argue the news organizations lease contract was unfair. The litigation followed investigative reports by, I knew source that focused on attorney Cory Briggs and tell the lawsuit against. I knew source Briggs legal team was the only firm to ever represent San Diego ans for open government breaks is running for San Diego city attorney in 2020 the attorney representing San Diego for open government did not respond to requests for comment and an email break said he was not involved in the lawsuit for KPBS. I'm I news source reporter Mary plumber KPBS is a department of San Diego state university. I knew sources, an independent nonprofit partner of KPBS today in federal court for protestors arrested during a protest of us border policies. Last December we'll go on trial for misdemeanor offenses. KPBS or Porter max. Revlon Nadler tells us how their lawyers are arguing that religious freedom allowed them to be on federal property.

Speaker 2: 02:02 The protest was organized by local religious leaders. Last December who led a March to the border fence in Imperial beach. There several marchers crossed a barricade set up by border patrol and were arrested for trespassing. Today in federal court. Four of those protesters are standing trial for failing to obey signs in the area which prohibits getting too close to the border fence. Two of the defendants are combat veterans. The other two are clergy members in court filings. Their lawyers have argued that the defendants were exercising their first amendment rights as well as their right to religious freedom. They're separate. Trials are expected to only last a few hours. The protesters are facing a 30 day maximum prison sentence and a possible $5,000 fine max Riverland Adler KPBS news.

Speaker 1: 02:45 A recent state auditor's report paints an unflattering picture of San Diego's financial health KPBS Metro reporter Andrew Bowen says, things look even worse. In Imperial County,

Speaker 2: 02:56 the state auditor's office dug into the finances of more than 470

Speaker 3: 03:00 municipalities in California. They found the city of San Diego faces only moderate financial risks, but its finances are shakier than in every other city in the County, mostly due to its high debt burden, slim reserves and low pension funding. Looking East to Calexico auditors ranked that city's financial health as fifth worst in the state and the very worst in terms of liquid cash state auditor. Elaine Howell says she hopes the report sparks discussions in cities about how to prepare for the next recession. Andrew Bowen KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 03:34 the national shortage of a cancer drug for kids has caused anxiety across the country, but KPBS health reporter Taryn mento says San Diego patients haven't been impacted. Vincristine is a chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat childhood cancers. A spokesman at Rady children's hospital says the facility is stocked up and doesn't expect to be effected by the shortage. The medication is also used for some adult cancers. Uh, UC San Diego health spokeswoman says it's patients are also not impacted. And in El Centro, the cancer resource center of the desert says it has not heard from patients who can not get the drug. One of two manufacturers stopped making the drug in July while the other had production delays. Shipments resumed this month, but the lag caused a shortage. Taryn mento KPBS news San Diego is Qualcomm is setting aside millions of dollars to move ahead with the new fifth generation wireless technology. KPBS is Sarah Katz. Yani says that five G will be up to 10 times faster than today's 4g. The venture capital division at Qualcomm is investing $200 million in innovative companies developing new 5g technologies. Qualcomm will be supplying Apple with their own 5g chips. However, mural Kolpak was San Diego state and bottom line marketing says that this investment will go beyond smartphones,

Speaker 3: 04:54 things that are a little bit outside of the smartphone, like smart cars, a smart city, sensors, factory floor robots, things like that, and they're calling it the five G echo system. Fun

Speaker 1: 05:04 five G is expected to add about $13 trillion into the global economy by 2035 according to IHS market, Sarah Gaziantep, Kate PBS news, more tourists visit the U S air force Academy chapel than any other building in Colorado. The classic glass and aluminum structure just close to the public for what's expected to be up to four years of extensive renovations. Deon Boyce of the American Homefront project tells us that shortcuts in its original construction have played to the chapel from the beginning. This story was produced by the American Homefront project, a public media collaboration that reports on American military life and veterans funding comes from the corporation for public broadcasting.

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