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Oceanside reopens beach and strand following pier fire

On Monday, officials provided an update following the Oceanside Pier fire that happened last week. After the fire, the nearby beach and strand have reopened.

After the fire, Oceanside had closed off access to the water surrounding the pier. The beach and strand from Surfrider to Tyson Street has reopened after water quality tests were performed.

However, the 500-yard zone directly around the pier still remains closed to the public.

The fire broke out on the west end of the pier for unknown reasons on April 25. Two structures were lost and there's significant damage to the pier's deck. Most significant damage is on the western side of pier.

Officials said 90% — possibly 95% — of the pier was saved by first responders.

According to Oceanside Fire officials, an incendiary liquid was not present, suggesting that arson may not be the cause. It's possible the fire was accidental but officials aren't ruling out other options yet.

A formal investigation report isn't ready yet, and it's uncertain when the pier will reopen, according to officials. But they anticipate 75% of the pier will be open soon — they will keep visitors away from the western end of the pier where the most significant damage has occurred.

"There is no other city that could boast this kind of public safety that came to the aid of our city, the aid of a very, very beloved pier," said Oceanside Mayor Esther Sanchez.
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