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More Californians Expected to Stay Home for the Holidays

More Californians will apparently be staying home for the holidays.   Cynthia Harris at the Triple-A says about 8.6 million Californians will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday season.  That's about a two percent drop from last year.  Harris says it's an on-going trend.

Harris: Definitely people have cut back on their travel plans and we have seen this consistently throughout this year.  Since the first major holiday - Memorial day weekend - we have had a decrease in travelers and this is the first time in a decade that this has happened.

Harris says people are concerned about the economic slowdown - and that's causing them to either stay home - or to travel shorter distances. 

Harris says the biggest drop is in airline travel.  She says 6.7 percent fewer people will fly than last year. 

However, Triple-A reports that plane ticket prices are down about nine percent from 2007 - and hotel prices are down as well.

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