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Lost Panel

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The Lost Panel by KPBS, on FlickrThe Lost Panel by KPBS, on Flickr

Damon Lindelof (Star Trek, Crossing Jordan) and Carlton Cuse (Nash Bridges, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.) are very entertaining panelists. They have a lot of experience sitting up in front of a crowd and telling them almost nothing. This year, they started off the panel with a message from their panel's sponsor, The Dharma Initiative. Part of their off-season on-line content is a recruitment campaign by the reconstituted Dharma Initiative. On the floor of the exhibit hall there was a booth with an aptitude test. The Dharma rep showed a short video of people's reactions to the test questions. It was mildly amusing. But it was all just a set up for the end of the panel. One of the 5 barely qualified applicants burst onto the stage to expose what they showed him. It was the latest communication from Dr. Candle, the host of the Dharma orientation films.

The timing of Comic-Con doesn't work well with Lost's shooting schedule. They haven't shot any Season 5 episodes. So, they can't really show us any footage. They went immediately to Q&A. This year they had a gift for each person who asked a question. The gifts were appropriate to the question. One woman asked, & ldquo;How old is Richard Alpert? And does he have 4 toes? & rdquo; If you aren't a follower of the show & hellip; this means nothing to you & hellip; She got an acknowledgement that Richard seems to be really old and we will see him bare foot in Season 5. Her gift was a t-shirt that read & ldquo;I asked a Richard Alpert question and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. & rdquo; A young man who was the spitting image of Hurley received a giant tub of Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing Composite. He was overjoyed.

After stating that no one from the cast was available, Matthew Fox made a surprise appearance.

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The Lost Panel by KPBS, on Flickr

So what did I learn from this panel? The season 4 DVDs will feature the flash-forwards recut to show them in chronological order. Daniel Faraday , Charlotte Lewis , Miles Straume and Frank Lapidus are all on the show in Season 5. Vincent will be in Season 5. Kate and Sawyer will see each other again. We will learn more of Danielle Rousseau's backstory. And they will be mixing up the way that the flash-back / flash-forwards work.
I was fortunate enough to see the first hour of the Lost pilot at Comic-Con 5 years ago. They always try to bring something good to con. This show allows the viewer to go as deep as they want. There are numerous sites dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the island. The writers and producers of the show participate in forums and podcasts. In general, they get it.
They're back January or February 2009.

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