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City Council Sets Water-Use Restrictions


Aired 5/8/09

The San Diego City Council unanimously approved a plan that sets restrictions for which days you can water your lawn in the city. What are the specific details of the plan, and how will it be enforced?

Gloria Penner: San Diegans knew it was coming: the condition long predicted and labeled the brown lawn era. A few years ago, Jerry Sanders and Donna Frye competed to be mayor. Now they've teamed up to push a plan for mandatory water use cutbacks.


Tim McClain, editor of San Diego Metropolitan Magazine.

John Warren, editor and publisher of San Diego Voice & Viewpoint.

Bob Kittle, editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune editorial page.

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Avatar for user 'Kurt Kohnen'

Kurt Kohnen, KPBS Staff | May 8, 2009 at 11:15 a.m. ― 7 years, 10 months ago

"...Fluorocarbons and monoxide
Push the water table lopside
Used to be free now it cost you a fee
Cause oil tankers spill they load as they roam cross the sea
Man, you gotta cook with it, bathe and clean with it (That's right)
When it's hot, summertime you fiend for it (Let em know)
You gotta put it in the iron you steamin with (That's right)
It's what they dress wounds and treat diseases with (Shout it out)
The rich and poor, black and white got need for it (That's right)
And everybody in the world can agree with this (Let em know)
Consumption promotes health and easiness (That's right)
Go too long without it on this earth and you leavin it (Shout it out)
Americans wastin it on some leisure sh!t (Say word?)
And other nations be desperately seekin it (Let em know)
Bacteria washing up on they beaches (Say word?)
Don't drink the water, son they can't wash they feet with it (Let em know)
Young babies in perpetual neediness (Say word?)
Epidemics hopppin up off the petri dish (Let em know)
Control centers try to play it all secretive (Say word?)
To avoid public panic and freakiness (Let em know)
There are places where TB is common as TV
Cause foreign-based companies go and get greedy
The type of cats who pollute the whole shore line
Have it purified, sell it for a dollar twenty-five
Now the world is drinkin it..." (Mos Def, "New World Water")

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