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Recent Fires in Southern California A Reminder of Fire Hazards


Aired 5/25/09

San Diegans are reminded California's fire season is year 'round. Fire Chief Tracy Jarman gives tips on fire prevention.

An 8700 acre wildfire 200 miles north of San Diego is a reminder California's fire season now is year 'round.

We talked with San Diego Fire Chief Tracy Jarman and asked what lessons San Diego might learn from Santa Barbara's Jesusita Fire.

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Avatar for user 'LMNOPR'

LMNOPR | May 25, 2009 at 8:33 a.m. ― 7 years, 10 months ago

Here is what I herd from another Bureaucrat. Let me see it is our fault as citizens because we don’t trim our trees, we live to close to our neighbors, we live on ridges and we don’t pay enough in taxes.

Nothing was said about them improving on their failures in the San Diego fires. By the tone and attitude of the interview, I think not. She said nothing as to why it took air tankers and crews close to forty eight hours to get to the fire in San Barbara. Maybe because it would have been a reminder of their failures.

With all the resources, salaries, training, meetings these people are suppose to have why can't they get to and put out a small fire before it gets so large it burns the entire area? It always seems to take them two days to get started.

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