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Suspect Accused Of Murdering Chelsea King Pleads Not Guilty

A 30-year-old convicted sex offender was charged today with murdering and raping or attempting to rape 17-year-old Chelsea King, who disappeared last week after heading out for a run in a park.

John Albert Gardner III stood in court in shackles with his eyes cast downward, showing no emotion, as an attorney waived arraignment and a reading of the complaint and entered pleas of not guilty in the potential death penalty case.

San Diego County prosecutors charged Gardner with one count of murder with a special circumstance allegation that the crime occurred in the commission of rape or attempted rape.

A second count of assault with intent to commit rape was filed in connection with a December attack on another female.

The Lake Elsinore man was arrested Sunday as a huge search was under way in a wilderness park in northeastern San Diego, where King's car was found parked Thursday night.

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hannahcohen | March 5, 2010 at 4:54 p.m. ― 7 years ago

Here are some suggestions about changing Megans Law.When sex offenders are registering their residence also include both mother and father's address must be disclosed.Since most people visit should be disclosed what city they work. Sex offenders should be required to wear GPS tracking for life. They should be fined yearly fee to maintain the device so that so tax payers don't pay for it. If you are a registered sex offender and you live in the county of san diego you will have to pay a 250 dollars a year as a special assessment for cover expenses to up keep their data. if a sex offender offends and at the time is living elsewhere other than the registered addresses, if he is living in someone's home, the people who live their will also be charged as accessories and harboring a fugitive. this will help cut down on people who help sex offenders "hide." make a anonymous hotline for people to report sex offenders who are not living where they are supposed to be living. to help cut down on sex offenders hiding.also it should be disclosed in what city they work in. also becuase we live close to the border, any illegal who is charged with a crime against a child should be deported immediatly and any welfare and governemnt aid should stop immediatly. also anyone who commits a crime against a child loses their driving license privledges for two years.also we need more safety training for children. a yearly seminar every year in every school about the dangers to talking to strangers, how to protect themselves. post megan laws local offenders photos in schools. also start mother carpools and have some incentive to do a mothers carpool to help have less children walking to and from school.please help to change the laws to better protect our children.we owe it to our children. lets make san diego county the most unfriendliest place for sex offenders to live in. thank you

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