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Airport Authority To Study Environmental Impacts of Consolidated Car Rental Lot

— A study of environmental impacts of a consolidated automobile rental lot on the north side of Lindbergh Field was under way today, according to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

That is the first small step toward relocating passenger facilities to the opposite side of San Diego's international airport, which would be accessed from Pacific Highway instead of N. Harbor Drive.

The relocation plan was affirmed last year by the SDCRAA, San Diego Association of Governments and the city of San Diego.

An environmental impact report for the airport's master plan was certified in 2008, according to the SDCRAA.

The current study -- which will look at air quality, noise and traffic impacts -- is specific to the car rental facility, and is due for completion this fall.

Several major rental agencies are currently located on N. Harbor Drive near the U.S. Coast Guard station, but others are several miles away.

Officials are looking for ways to streamline airport operations to reduce congestion. Passenger facilities on the opposite side of Lindbergh Field's sole runway will be closer to freeways, and the Old Town Transit Center, which offers bus, trolley and other rail service.

The consolidated lot could also cut down on the number of rental company vans circulating through terminal access lanes.

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klddai | March 30, 2010 at 1:05 p.m. ― 6 years, 10 months ago

Port District or Powers that be...

Please hire a tunnel driller and have an under the runway entrance into the airport, like so many airports have.

1) It would reduce traffic out on the street, because the shuttle would be eliminated. (Commuter Terminal users could take the red bus onceover there) or shuttles reduced, just go down to a periodic commuter shuttle.

2) It would be much faster that the shuttle!!!! We would get out of our cars, walk down a ramp and walk what would be about one small city block. I have walked Many blocks in Heathrow Airport and still fell very fondly on the airport. I think we San Diegans can make the one block)

Fast yet if it has the conveyer walks, like all other airports have

3) It would result in more customers for the lots, because users would feel that they are not at the whim of the shuttle, but they can go directly to the walk through

Your shuttles have always been quick and timely… (for the most part), but still… this system would be truly faster and psychologically appealing at a sometimes stressful time, because “I am in control”. I think more customers would gravitate to your lot.



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