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Guest Blogger: Getting in the Door

More from the Cannes Film Front

Giancarlo Ruiz surveys the French Riviera.

Credit: Giancarlo Ruiz

Above: Giancarlo Ruiz surveys the French Riviera.

I can say that stress has been part of my everyday here at the Cannes Film Festival -- where I will be showing my short "St. Jacques." A saturation of strange feelings and sensations. I haven’t really really enjoyed myself; film and my next project (hopefully a feature length film) eat away at my brain. Like worms in my brain…the ideas just keep trucking and I need to relax. I need to let my mind go, at least for a couple of hours.

Photo caption:

Photo credit: Giancarlo Ruiz

The Cannes Film Festival from the perspective of local filmmaker Giancarlo Ruiz.

The next step in the networking deal here at the film festival is through the trade papers -- lists of production houses and producers with contact information are provided. The trick here is to get in the door. Sweet talk whoever is in the front, the gatekeeper so to speak. We are trying to make contact with several companies and I have decided to let loose my imagination. I have one project in mind to pitch but I actually have three. I think depending on the company I should be able to pitch something – I should be able to interest some company even though I might not be "Someone," even though I don’t have Star Power…these companies are looking for new talent all the time. If not, then at least I walked through that door and presented myself, dropped my press packet and yes… with dreamy eyes and illusions walked out. I don’t have anything to loose but everything to gain. That’s it.

Taking it slow for the first time for one day to enjoy some of the perks of having a badge. Last night I went to the premiere of "Kaboom," the new film from underground cult independent master Greg Araki – they love him in France. A standing ovation for more than a minute before the screening, and after the screening made me smile more often than not. His new film -- “The Greg Araki Film” as his final credits say -- is almost a full circle of his other films. Always on the campy side and with the doomed generation that he has made his trademark. The twist here is a combination of horror, thriller, comedy, drama, and even some David Lynch moments. It is a strange combination but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Araki.

Photo caption:

Photo credit: Giancarlo Ruiz

The Cannes Film Festival.

Joseph J. Stephen (producer/actor of "St. Jacques") and I went to the premiere all dressed up because here everything is about dressing up. I mean it’s the French Riviera! What else should I expect? So we did. At midnight, during a cold and starry night, we were in line. We walked the dreadful red carpet and got a glimpse of what actors and producers have to go through – paparazzi a la vista!.

Tomorrow morning we will be there at 7:30am, in line, and dressed up to watch the new Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu film, "Biutiful." We’ll see how that pans out.

For now It’s time to plan tomorrow's move and get ready for the projections of the film. "St. Jacques" will be screened Tuesday May 18th at 4pm, right before the happy hour, that way buyers can stay around and chat. That’s the plan. We’ll see. If it works, then Wednesday and Thursday are also listed at that time.

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