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Rain More Than Just An Inconvenience For The Homeless

— Rainy days in San Diego may mean traffic jams and longer commutes for some people. But for the city’s homeless population the rain can bring about dire situations.

Bob McElory spent his day at the Neal Good Day Center passing out large sheets of plastic to homeless people. He said it’s the best protection against the rain and keeps people warm too.

McElroy is president of the Alpha Project, which serves San Diego’s homeless population. He said the rain is more than inconvenience for people living on the streets.

“It’s hell, especially when it’s wet and cold. We just had a guy die yesterday in a wheelchair out here on the street corner of 17th and K,” he said.

McElroy said people huddle under bridges, doorways and trees trying to keep out of the rain. He said if there were 200 animals stuck out in the rain people would be outraged. But when it comes to the homeless people he said no one seems to care.

McElroy said the delays in locating a temporary winter homeless shelter somewhere in the city amounts to playing politics with people’s lives.

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laplayaheritage | October 19, 2010 at 10:09 p.m. ― 6 years, 5 months ago

Alpha Project and Homeless advocates want Tailgate Park which is located on 4 square blocks in the East Village of downtown. The Homelesss Shelter would only required one of the 4 square blocks for the Homeless, which is 25 percent of Tailgate Park parking lot.

Per the lease between CCDC and the Padres LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership, the City taxpayers receive 30 percent of parking revenue within the 4 block Tailgate Park. The Padres LP get the other 70 percent. According to major privately owned parking lot operators in downtown, the market for similar leases gives landowners about 80 percent of revenues, with the Padres LP only 20 percent.

Per the Lease, the Padres have use during the full MLB Baseball season, plus 10 other days throughout the year. The Padres have 4 to 5 days of planned events from the day they ended their season on October 4, to the start of their next season on April 5, 2011.

"Last week, City Council President Ben Hueso said the Mayor’s Office was negotiating with the Padres about using the lot—the site of the 2007 shelter. But, Peace said, there are too many hurdles to overcome in too little time: events are booked for Petco Park in December, January and February, and using the parking lot would require renegotiating those contracts.
Steve Peace."

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