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Advocates Rally For Brown To Spare Adult Health Care Program

Advocates for adult day health care rallied at the state Capitol Tuesday to ask Gov. Jerry Brown to spare the program. His budget would eliminate funding for more than 300 adult day health care centers in California.

Advocates rallied on behalf of adult health care at the state's capitol today.
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Above: Advocates rallied on behalf of adult health care at the state's capitol today.

Lydia Missaelides with the California Association for Adult Day Services said the program allows seniors with medical needs to live at home.

"Adult day health care actually saves the state higher costs in the Medi-cal program and in heath care in general, because we are preventing individuals from accessing the most expensive settings, which are the institutional settings," Missaelides said.

She also said eliminating funding for the centers would affect more than 37,000 patients. She said it would also mean lost jobs for caregivers and other employees.

The Governor’s budget includes deep cuts to many programs in order to close a $25 billion budget gap.

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EarlRichards | February 2, 2011 at 12:27 a.m. ― 6 years, 1 month ago

There is very little difference between Brown's budget proposals and previous budgets, because Brown's budget is master-minded by the oil industry. There is no provision for closing corporate and commercial tax loopholes, no oil extraction tax and no oil corporation, windfall-profits tax. Californians pay the highest price for gasoline in the nation. Brown's budget is the same, because again, it picks on the most vulnerable. Jerry appears to be working for Big Oil and not for the Californians who voted for him.

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