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Navy Seals: What Makes Them Special Forces?


Aired 5/6/11

It's the stuff of history, even legend. The finding and killing of bin Laden this week by a team of Navy Seals was like something out of an epic movie.

ALISON ST. JOHN: It's the stuff of history… even legend. The finding and killing of bin Laden this week was like something out of an epic movie -- the bad guy meets his fate. Some argue whether it was meting out justice or revenge, but either way it's appropriate that it was at the hands of American Special Forces: Navy Seal Team 6, no less.

We're going to talk about the role of Special Operation Forces in the world today..

GUESTS: Tony Perry, San Diego bureau chief, Los Angeles Times

Kent Davy, editor, North County Times

Andrew Donohue, editor, voiceofsandiego,org

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HarryStreet | May 6, 2011 at 5:23 p.m. ― 5 years, 10 months ago

How could anyone believe this was revenge or meting out justice?

Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States and the entire un-Islamic Free world. He was a killer who dictated that the killing of women and children was condoned by Allah so long as the intent was to further the Islamic religion as interpreted by bin Laden.

He was clearly a person who could not be reasoned with. Conducting a mission to kill bin Laden was no different than the 1943 decision by then-President Franklyn D. Roosevelt and Secretary of the Navy Knox to have Japanese Admiral Hisoruku Yamamoto's plane shot down. Yamamoto was Japan's best military genius and killing him would, and did, hinder Japan's ability to conduct war.

The same goes with the decision to kill bin Laden. Without him al-Qaeda has no leader capable of inspiring its followers to continue fighting. Make no mistake. This war is far from over. So long as poverty, a lack of education and productive work, and dictators continue to rule there will always be the seeds of war, but President Obama's decision to order this mission that ultimately killed bin Laden was a decision based on the fact we are at war against terrorism. This had nothing to do with justice or revenge. This is what happens when one is at war.

However, I can understand how people feel justice was delivered. I think we all feel a little of that.

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