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Neighbors Seek To Reduce Energy Use, Increase Home Values

San Diego Neighborhood Could Become Model For National Plan


Aired 5/12/11

San Diego's Del Cerro neighborhood could serve as a model for a plan to save energy while creating jobs and increasing home values.

Scott Miller is the brains behind the energy efficiency and conservation plan.

He started working on it in early 2009 with the help of engineers, scientists and financial experts.

Miller said the plan's goal is to create jobs, increase home values conserve energy and utilize renewable energy sources.

He said the first step is to perform energy audits on the 2,000 homes in Del Cerro, a hilly neighborhood across I-8 from San Diego State University.

"Once we get all those homes assessed we will be able to go through and find the least-efficient homes with the highest energy usage," said Miller. "Those give you the biggest bang for your buck, those give you the highest return on your investment and quickest payback."

He said there are a variety of rebates and incentives for replacing outdated, or energy-hogging systems.

Miller said the combination of rebates and energy savings cuts the costs to homeowners.

"We feel that when we get these homes rolled up, that when the contractors come out there, start making these retrofits, neighbors will say 'what's going on?' and want to become involved," said Miller.

He said the home energy audits are free. Miller said homeowners just have to fill out a survey.

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Avatar for user 'philosopher3000'

philosopher3000 | May 12, 2011 at 3:51 p.m. ― 5 years, 9 months ago

It is a bit disingenuous to say that there are 'free' home energy audits for people in San Diego (specifically the Del Cerro neighborhood), when what is REALLY going on is that a Corporation in partnership with an HVAC contractor is doing marketing and lead generation.

You, Ed Joyce, need to vet these programs before advertising them on PUBLIC BROADCASTING stations. If the FCC was doing its job to protect the public, your report would be banned.

For those who care, the private venture capital group "The Resource Reduction Group, LLC" is using KPBS to do marketing by offering just four (4) home energy audits (value $500 ea.) to a limited group of home-owners in one neighborhood. They are banking on the State SPONSORED energy efficient programs and incentives (Energy Upgrade California, and Go Solar California) to maximize profits.

There is nothing wrong with doing business, even using public money to maximize profits, as long as you do so transparently, letting these "poor, ignorant, home-owners" know that they can use any contractor, and still get all these rebates.

Perhaps Ed, you should meet with the CCSE and 'advertise' the state wide incentives and rebates that are available to everyone, and currently charged to each individual utility customer by law, via our INVESTOR OWNED Utility, Energy Monopoly SEMPRA.

Michael Russell

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Avatar for user 'philosopher3000'

philosopher3000 | May 12, 2011 at 3:58 p.m. ― 5 years, 9 months ago

OOPS, It seems the 4 free have been used:

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Avatar for user 'reducemyresources'

reducemyresources | May 12, 2011 at 9:34 p.m. ― 5 years, 9 months ago

It is a bit disingenuous to comment and state that which is not true. The Energy Upgrade California (EUC) program requires home owners to have their house audited. There is a cost for this audit (as you state, a "$500 value") and it has to be performed by a trained and certified contractor. This makes the homeowner take a gamble by paying someone to see if they can save money. If there home is efficient and there is no return on investment the home owner loses the gamble.

What we have done in Del Cerro is taken the gamble out of the equation. We have approached SEVERAL different EUC approved contractors and explained that Del Cerro is out to be a model community for energy efficiency and renewable energy. These contractors, realizing the potential for their business, have agreed to sponsor a set number of audits at no cost to the Del Cerro Residents. We have just started with the different contractors and have completed over a dozen audits and are getting ready to do more.

The Resource Reduction Group LLC is not a private venture capital group nor is it in partnership with an HVAC contractor and it is not using KPBS to do marketing of “just 4” audits. Our goal is to have all 2000 home in the Del Cerro community audited. We believe that the because of the construction and age of the homes in Del Cerro, we will be able to identify homes that will reap the highest return on investment, quickest payback and maximize conservation, thereby making Del Cerro the model community.

I also find it a bit offensive to call the Del Cerro residents “poor, ignorant, home-owners”. The issues of energy efficiency and conservation are quite complex. (if it was so simple why would your website offer to give speeches about this topic??) We are educating the residents, and allowing them to make informed decisions on how they spend their money. The home energy audits they are receiving are standardized in accordance with the EUC program. There is no obligation on the residents’ part to use the contractor that sponsored the free audit. The key is getting them the knowledge on the efficiency of their homes and having them realize the benefits of retrofit.

Perhaps, Michael, you should listen to KPBS more often and know that on May 2, 2011 KPBS ran a story about the EUC program and information regarding the CCSE about the incentives and rebates available.

Scott Miller />

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Avatar for user 'reducemyresources'

reducemyresources | May 12, 2011 at 9:37 p.m. ― 5 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for posting the link to the website. Not sure why it is an OOOPs and not sure why you are fixated on saying that we only have 4 free audits. If you looked at the reports you will see that they were performed by Get Green Remodel. ASI has just scheduled the audits they are sponsoring. We hope to have those posted in a week or two.

Thanks again.

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