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Occupy San Diego Fears Eviction

Above: Protesters representing the Occupy San Diego movement demonstrating at the Civic Center Plaza in downtown San Diego.

Aired 10/27/11 on KPBS Midday Edition.

As week four begins, Occupy San Diego releases a declaration of purpose and begs for public support to remain in the Civic Center Plaza.

Midday Edition

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Abel Thomas is a spokesman from Occupy San Diego

Occupy San Diego declaration of purpose

Dr. Dan Seiver, Finance Professor, SDSU

Pete Soto works for Brooklyn Hot Dog Cafe which is located in the Civic Center Plaza in downtown San Diego.

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Occupy San Diego ends its third week as a movement battered but not broken. It's once great relationship with the San Diego police department has become tense. And it has not been able to secure support from local lawmakers. But, news reports are now validating the claims of a huge and growing wealth disparity in the nation -- apparently there really is a 1 percent.

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Avatar for user 'iralechner'

iralechner | October 28, 2011 at 9:33 p.m. ― 5 years, 4 months ago

I was shocked at KPBS Reporter Katie Orr's naive comment about the police violence and indifference to private property. A UCSD professor was describing how he had distributed books to the Occupy group and had organized teach-ins. He stressed that he kept the books in an orderly way so that they wouldn't contribute to the clutter, but the police twice confiscated the books and ordered them removed. Ms. Orr could not see anything amiss with the police action in confiscating not only books but also private property of the demonstrators such as cameras. She is supposed to be an relatively objective "reporter" but she dismissed the 1st amendment and private property rights of participants because she said the police had no agenda. Has she ever learned about "authority" and the abuse of "power"? Apparently not. She really isn't qualified to be a reporter for KPBS. Comment, Ms. Orr?

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