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Anti-Obama Marine Sues to Stop Dismissal Hearing

Sgt. Gary Stein

Above: Sgt. Gary Stein

Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Gary Stein, who's facing dismissal for his Anti-Obama Facebook posts, is suing members of his chain of command for alleged First Amendment violations in an attempt to stop his impending dismissal hearing. Stein supporter and SoCal Patriots founder Jeff Schwilk wrote in an email to Home Post:

Sgt. Stein and his team of attorneys are fighting back against the discharge proceedings and hearing scheduled by Stein’s Commanding Officer, Col. Dowling at MCRD San Diego. Stein has been accused of “serious offenses” by his command for posting his personal political opinions on Facebook.

According to a blog post written Schwilk, Stein's civilian attorney sent a letter to Col. Dowling requesting he stop dismissal proceedings. According to Schwilk:

Sgt. Stein’s attorneys plan to seek relief in court this week to stop the discharge proceedings.

Stein has a powerful ally in his corner. Rep. Duncan Hunter, San Diego congressman and Marine veteran, wrote a letter to Col. Christopher Dowling as well, calling on him to drop the dismissal hearing, according to The Hill. Hunter argues that the Marine Corps' social media policy is too vague:

“In fact, nothing in the directive actually mentions social media and what activity is or is not approved for active duty servicemembers. Because of the ambiguity regarding this issue, I urge the Marine Corps to withdraw the discharge proceedings and allow Sgt. Stein to complete his enlistment over the coming months.”

Stein's dismissal hearing is slated for Thursday morning.

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Avatar for user 'MinutemanProject'

MinutemanProject | April 3, 2012 at 8:15 p.m. ― 4 years, 11 months ago

I remember my time with an infantry company in the Marine Corps very fondly, despite the tragedies that came with that experience. Although we Marines all had "opinions" we knew that our exercise of free speech was limited as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Free speech is sacred ground, indeed. But, so is the necessity of teamwork, especially in the battlefield, if military operations are to be carried out successfully. Can you imagine if one of the Navy Seal Team Six members declaring the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan as an unlawful order and then encouraging others to declare the same?

Rebellious conduct by military personnel is not the way to win battles or protect your fellow troops.

I expect the Marine Corps to act swiftly and decisively against Sgt. Stein to remind all military service members that military service is not for everyone. Coordination with the military chain of command is essential to maintain an organized and efficient fighting force charged with the responsibility to protect the interests of the United States of America
Semper Fidelis,

"Corporal Gil" USMC - Vietnam 1968 - '69
Jim Gilchrist, President, The Minuteman Project

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Avatar for user 'FormerCompanyCommander'

FormerCompanyCommander | April 4, 2012 at 10:11 a.m. ― 4 years, 11 months ago

Plenty of legal precedent on this matter

He needs to be separated. For the very reasons MinutemanProject explained.

I just wish others out at could understand this argument. Instead they too want to make this about Obama and not legitimate and necessary rules that govern functioning teams. Many of them former military which both perplexes and saddens me.

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