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Chapter Thirty Six & Epilogue

Chapter Synopsis

Agent Arnie Davis is back in Calexico working the border patrol stops. He loathes looking into the tourists’ cars and boarding random buses looking for illegals. He sees a Trailways bus coming and tells his partner they’re going to board this one. He gets on telling the travelers it is just a routine check. A Mexican woman holds out her green card for him. He makes his way to the back of the bus only to find Nayeli and Tacho. He is astonished to see them again. He helps them off the bus. Arnie asks Nayeli where her smile is. She replies it is gone. He recalls that she was on a mission to find her father and asks what happened. She says what happened is she found him. He remembers the story of finding the seven men, but is surprised he does not see any. Nayeli tells him there are twenty-seven waiting for her in San Diego to go back to Sinaloa. He asks her to retell the story. She does. He asks her if she is lying and she tells him she is not. He believes her. He takes them to his house in Yuma and feeds them. When night falls later that night they get back in his truck and drive all the way to San Diego.

Epilogue Synopsis

The women of Tres Camarones are too scared to leave their homes. The bandidos fill the town with their big trucks and SUVs. Irma has to send Chava and Garcia-Garcia to Mazatlán to get supplies for them. The women of Camarones come out for the day, setting up their market. Pepino, the town simpleton, climbs atop the roof of La Mano Caída. He sits and watches over the town. Suddenly he comes to the edge of the roof jumping up and down and slapping his own head. The women cry out to him what is wrong? He yells “Nayeli! Nayeli!” He tells them he sees Nayeli and Tacho walking toward the town with a monkey. A monkey with a big stick. The bandidos get out of their cars. Tacho declares Nayeli and Tacho have brought an army. Everyone hears a strange voice rising above the others. As it gets closer it calls out “I am Atómiko!” Pepino shouts “The monkey talks!” The women of Tres Camarones are smiling.

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