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Marines On Duty To Face Random Breathalyzer Testing



Starting January 1, the Marines Corps will require service-wide random Breathalyzer tests for members. A Marine Corps memo released December 12 announced the Alcohol Screening Program, or ASP, to make sure Marines aren't drinking while on duty.

According to the memo...

The purpose of the ASP is to provide commanders an additional tool to identify Marines and Sailors within their commands who are at risk for the adverse effects of alcohol abuse/misuse. The ASP accomplishes this through deterring Marines and Sailors from reporting on duty under the influence of alcohol.

Additionally, the ASP provides an opportunity for commanders to identify those individuals in need of alcohol abuse/misuse training, counseling, and/or treatment.

The new policy requires Marines and Sailors to be tested randomly twice a year. Marines and Sailors who test positive for a blood alcohol content of .01 percent will be referred for screening and treatment. Commanders will be required to refer Marines and Sailors who test positive for a blood alcohol content of .04 or above to medical staff for a "fit for duty" determination.

Marine spokesman Lt. Col. Joseph Plenzler told The Washington Times that everyone in the Marine Corps is subject to the new Breathalyzer tests. This includes senior officers and even Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Amos.

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Robman65 | December 24, 2012 at 11:35 a.m. ― 4 years, 2 months ago

When I was a Marine, we had a way to check if someone was drunk on duty or not. It was called "Are you drunk, fool?!" And then was generally followed by our own means of "help". But seriously, we had quite a few Vietnam Vets and other older Marines who were always somewhat hammered on anything they could find. Most of the time we placed them somewhere safe and let them do paperwork. There were times, though that everyone was drunk from the night before. It happens.

Overall however, Marines drink. They cuss. They have sex. They play pranks. We ask them to do the worst possible things imaginable in the most hellish of places with as little as possible for a salary an illegal immegrant would scoff at.

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