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Millionaires Tax Proponents: We’re Not Going Away

Backers of a proposed income tax on California millionaires continue to resist pressure from Governor Jerry Brown to call their effort off.

Today, they released a poll that suggests their initiative stands the best shot at passing – even if multiple tax measures qualify for the November ballot.

Rick Jacobs with the Courage Campaign is part of the coalition of progressive groups behind the Millionaires Tax. He says the conventional wisdom that all tax measures would be hurt in that scenario is wrong. “I think what this poll demonstrates really, really clearly – and should just take off the table – is this inside the beltway discussion – which it really is – about whether or not voters are smart enough to figure out what they want to vote for," said Jacobs.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Millionaires Tax supporters. It shows both that measure and the governor’s have majority support if three tax initiatives are on the ballot, though the Millionaires Tax fares best. The third measure, from wealthy civil rights advocate Molly Munger, fares the worst.

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Avatar for user 'HarryStreet'

HarryStreet | March 9, 2012 at 7:44 a.m. ― 5 years ago

Anyone who believes imposing fair tax rates on the rich will give millionnaires and above cause not to create jobs is living in a fantasy world. Even today with the breaks they get businesses across the nation and globe are downsizing jobs, including pay and benefits for the sole reason of raking in all they can get.

A company will not do the right thing because its the right thing. Their primary goal is to make money and the most controllable expense is payroll.

Imposing fair taxes on the rich is the right thing to do. It demonstrates no favoritism and justifies a system that we all must support. Unfortunately, our government has been bought and paid for by the same rich who oppose this attempt to raise taxes.

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