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California School Districts Misuse Cafeteria Money Intended For Low-Income Students

State officials say California school districts have misappropriated tens of millions of dollars intended to provide meals to low-income students. A report issued Wednesday by the Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes says the California Department of Education recently ordered eight districts to repay nearly $170 million to their student meal programs.

The report says state officials identified more than $158 million in misappropriations and unallowable charges at the Los Angeles Unified School District. LAUSD officials did not immediately provide comment on the report.

The report says other districts with unallowable charges include San Diego, Santa Ana, San Francisco and Compton. The San Diego and Santa Ana districts are challenging the department's findings. Officials say the cases in the report may only represent a fraction of cafeteria fund misuse statewide.

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Frank_N_Blunt | February 7, 2013 at 12:47 a.m. ― 4 years, 1 month ago

Hypocrisy in government? How about diverting from the First 5 or whatever that kleptocratic-crony connection has become? Should be more transparent, have more oversight, serve more people, & many other uses than the pandering-ridden issue that it has become.
How about the legal system?
To witness injustice in action, see "People" vs Donald Lee Sexton.
2013Feb07, 0900, SD Superior, Dept 51
The prosecutor is a lying fanatic, more concerned with promoting deceptive image & an illusion of posterity than truth, justice, service, & protection for all. Collateral damage at a minor traffic accident? Apprehending witnesses & beating them? Police brutality with pummeling, tasering, & torturing of a good Samaritan offering aid & assistance to others on the scene even the EMTs as well as the potentially injured people, US Navy honorable retiree, community volunteer, environmental scientist, & many other honorable traits exemplifying a gentleman? Inflicting violent harm & serious injuries but not providing any medical treatment while imposing unjust incarceration for nearly a week where disease & sickness is prevalent along with being treated like a dog event though presumed innocent (seemingly not so prevalent in practice much less understood as a fundamental tenet of the legal system)? False charges? Unjust arrest? Framing & slandering an upstanding citizen while imposing a $250,000 bail? Collusion, manipulation, tampering, & other ethical breaches? Stay classy, San Diego.

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