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San Diego Mayoral Special Election Look Ahead

Evening Edition

Aired 11/18/13 on KPBS Midday Edition.


Michael Vu, San Diego Country Registrar of Voters.

Vince Vasquez, Senior Policy Analyst for National University System Institute for Policy Research


Voters in the city of San Diego are preparing to vote for Mayor, again.

A new 10 News/UT San Diego poll finds it's a dead heat for second place. Councilman Kevin Faulconer remained in the lead with 40 percent of respondents saying they'd vote for him.

But two Democratic candidates are in a tight race for second place. Former California Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher has the support of 24 percent of those polled, and Councilman David Alvarez has 22 percent of the vote.

Despite the growing number of mail-in-ballots for elections in San Diego, the County's Registrar of Voters made a plea last week for more stand-by poll workers for the Nov. 19 election.

Registrar Michael Vu said he expects between 40 to 45 percent of voters to turn-out in the special election.

Vince Vasquez, a policy analyst for NUSIPR predicts about 70 percent of those voters will be absentee.

Vasquez has been following who's been voting so far. He authored a report analyzing absentee ballots cast in the special election.

Vasquez said Kevin Faulconer has the advantage based on which parts of the city the absentee ballots have been coming from.

“Unlike the November 2012 mayoral general election, voter turnout has been low and concentrated in only a handful of neighborhoods,” Vasquez said in a press release. “With nearly two-thirds of the vote yet to be cast, candidates will need to be reaching voters and walking precincts up to minute the polls close on Election Day.”

Evening Edition

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diverdonreed | November 18, 2013 at 3:58 p.m. ― 3 years, 3 months ago


As someone deeply involved in stemcell research and biomedicine as the answer to so many of America's financial and medical problems, I strongly urge San Diegans to vote for Nathan Fletcher.

San Diego is the hub of America's biomedical industry, and it is crucial that the great city be led by someone who understands the wave of the future.

Since 2009, chronic disease expense have outstripped the annual cost of the national debt. In that year, chronic disease expenses exceeded $1.65 trillion dollars, compared to $1.61 trillion cost of the national deficit.

Nathan Fletcher is known and respected by patient advocates like my self and my paralyzed son Roman Reed, as well as by the executives and staff of America's steadily increasing biomed industry.

Mr. Fletcher has a brilliant future in American leadership, and we who support biomedicine strongly urge your support for him.


Don C. Reed
co-chair, Californians for Cures

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