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Encinitas Tackles Height Limits Again

Encinitas city council will consider possible ballot measures Wednesday to address the state’s mandate to provide affordable housing.

Aired 10/2/13 on KPBS News.

Encinitas city council will consider tonight possible 2014 ballot measures to address the state’s mandate to provide affordable housing.

Encinitas residents who want to preserve their community’s beach town character voted this summer on a strict height limit for new development. The measure requires that any project taller than 30 feet must go to a vote.

But Encinitas Mayor Teresa Barth said this makes it a challenge to meet California’s laws mandating that all cities build a certain amount of low-income housing.

“I’m a native" Barth said, "I remember what this place was like before Interstate 5 — there were a lot fewer people. We recognize that people get married, have children and want to live in this community, and I want to make sure there are options to stay in this community if that’s what they chose.“

Encinitas city council will now consider two possible ballot initiatives to put to voters in 2014.

One option, called “Plan Up, Not Out” would raise the height limit for new development. The other, called “Plan Out, Not Up“ would rezone more land for denser, more affordable housing.

Without a plan, the city risks being sued for failing to meet its affordable housing goals.

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Avatar for user 'tomtom'

tomtom | October 2, 2013 at 1:42 p.m. ― 3 years, 5 months ago

please do this east of I-5

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Leucadian | November 17, 2013 at 8:58 p.m. ― 3 years, 4 months ago

We will have the option of voting NO on both suggested ballot measures. This is an obvious attempt, by Mayor Teresa Barth & Council to try to derail Prop A. City efforts to defeat the initiative began with hiring, thru the City Manager, a pro-development law firm to do a an "independent" report. Then City Attorney, Glenn Sabine wrote, for the Sample Ballot, an "impartial analysis," that went beyond speculation to outright untruth. His analysis wasn't fact based nor impartial.

Sabine's false impartial analysis was based on the R&T report, full of speculation & conjecture, all of which proved to be without merit. Lower set height limits in residential zones AREN’T raised by Prop A.

Also, CONTRARY to Council's arguments in the Sample Ballots against Prop A, the California Coastal Commission DIDN’T have to review Prop A thru a LCP Amendment. Our city WASN’T bifurcated by the CCC's need to approve this grassroots' initiative; nor was division created by a different effectiveness date of Prop A in the Coastal Zone.

The City of Encinitas posted on its webpage, on 7/29, after the 6/18 Special Election, at which a majority of voters SUPPORTED Prop A, a belated FAQ sheet, debunking R&T''s speculation & the City Attorney's incorrect analysis, which had taken conjecture to outright distortion of facts. Although Council pitted staff against the public, & building industry special interests spent a great deal of money trying to get people to vote no, voters were not fooled. We voted YES on Prop A, because we want to restrict height limits & we want to restrict upzoning.

This will NOT be a case of either/or, option #1 or #2. NEITHER option is acceptable. Unfortunately, those citizens following the City's machinations can no longer trust our "new" Council majority, whom we worked so hard to get elected in November of 2012.

Mayor Barth hasn't kept her previous campaign promises, when she ran along with Councilmember Tony Kranz, at the General Election in 2010, on T&T, Teresa & Tony for Trust & Transparency. They are currently violating open government law, & are failing to uphold the public trust. They should immediately release the City Attorney & City Manager draft performance plans, & should tell the public the vote of each & every Councilmember, in closed session, either for or against giving Gus Vina, City Manager an excellent evaluation, & Glenn Sabine, City Attorney, "support." Reporting "overal consensus," is insufficient according to the Brown Act.

The Brown Act prohibits public agencies from discussing compensation of executive officers in Special Meeting Closed Session, as was before done on 7/10/13. Barth, Shaffer and Kranz have all failed to keep their campaign pledges about enabling more open government thru passing a long-promised Sunshine Ordinance, were we to vote in a "new" Council Majority. What a disappointment!

Citizens won’t vote for ANY measure that goes against our decision to pass Prop A.

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