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Following The Money In The Race For San Diego’s Mayor: Who’s In The Lead?

Last year, political parties and other organizations raised and spent millions of dollars to determine San Diego's mayor. Now, they're at it again. KPBS Morning Edition anchor Deb Welsh spoke with data specialist Joe Yerardi of our media partner inewsource to discuss some of the new campaign finance rules.

Our media partner inewsource brings us an update on who has received the most $1,000-plus contributions in the race for San Diego's next mayor.

Special Feature Who's Winning The Money Race?

Every day, inewsource is investigating the race to win big money donors.

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Deb Welsh: Joe, when it comes to money in this race, what's new?

Joe Yerardi: The ground rules have changed a bit. Last year, individuals could give $500 to a campaign for the primary and $500 for the general election. This year, those limits have doubled to $1,000 per election. But while the limits have gone up, the disclosure requirements have gotten tougher. Candidates have to report within 24 hours contributions from anyone who's given at least $1,000.

Welsh: So, who's raising the most?

Yerardi: As of this morning, only three leading candidates had reported any $1,000-plus donors. Republican Kevin Faulconer's raised $170,000; Democrat Nathan Fletcher, $88,000. Democrat David Alvarez is way back with $9,000. I want to caution, though, that these figures are only a portion of campaigns' fundraising so far in a race that's just getting started.

Welsh: What about organizations like corporations or unions?

Yerardi: Corporations, unions and other non-individuals are prohibited from donating to campaigns, but they can and will get involved in a big way through the use of independent committees. These committees can support or oppose candidates but can't coordinate with their campaigns, and these committees may accept unlimited contributions from virtually anyone.

Welsh: And where can folks go to keep track of all this?

Yerardi: Viewers can check out an interactive graphic and see who these donors are, updated every day at

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