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Divorcing In San Diego — At What Cost?

Evening Edition

Aired 3/17/14 on KPBS Midday Edition.


Joe Sorge, Director/co-Writer Divorce Corp

David Peters, San Diego Family Therapist


In an effort to streamline the divorce process in San Diego County courts impacted by budget cuts, a pilot project was launched recently to streamline the process. Those who qualify can walk into court -- and walk out one day, but it's not always that easy.

A new feature documentary looks at divorce -- as big business, a billion dollar a year industry. The film "Divorce Corp." points to flaws in the family court system that can result in couples spending more money and time to get divorced. The impact can break a family emotionally and financially.

We take a look at "Divorce Corp," and explore ways families can maneuver through the system and avoid added expenses and options available to them.


Divorce Corp Trailer

Trailer for documentary Divorce Corp

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Avatar for user 'huronindians'

huronindians | March 17, 2014 at 4:27 p.m. ― 3 years ago

I'm VERY thankful that a person with such insight, compassion and empathy did a much needed documentary on this devastating social issue.
Everything he states regarding the powerful partner with money and connections can destroy the other . The part I had trouble understanding ( divorce was finalized in 1991) after 24 yrs of marriage , 2 sons ,1 daughter was that our children didn't understand why their father didn't want to help them financially. I didn't get alimony, the small judgement i was requesting of help with the boys college bills and medical was later deemed to be unenforceable due to the fact that the last line stated " this is incorporated and merged . As a family court Doc. it isn't a Civil Doc. and should have stated " incorporated but NOT merged for the agreement to stand.
A law (at least in RI) "anything a person agrees to for a child over 18 doesn't stand if the decree is "merged" I was later shown how my lawyer erased the correct wording and put in the wording that gave my husband complete control and then he padded the bill enormously and had my husband pay his bill. Everything I gave alimony, no share of the business, stocks any and all , of
course remained in effect.
The hardest part, even beyond our financial plight, was the emotional toll it took on my children
Thank you Mr Sorge. I will try to watch the Doc. but it will be hard.

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