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Sequestration's Potential Impact On San Diego

The $85 billion budget-cutting sequestration could affect everything from commercial flights to classrooms to meat inspections. Domestic and defense spending alike would be trimmed, leading to furloughs for hundreds of thousands of government workers and contractors. KPBS takes an in-depth look at the potential impact on San Diego.

Carl Luna, a political science professor at San Diego Mesa College, and Marney Cox, the chief economist at the San Diego Association of Governments, talk to KPBS about the potential impacts of sequestration.

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How Would Sequestration Cuts Affect You?

If Congress fails to make a deal on government spending before Friday, California will lose roughly $88 million in K-12 funding; $2.5 million to help the state respond to public health threats; $54 million for military bases; $5.4 million for programs like Meals On Wheels; and $400 million in civilian Defense Department cuts, resulting in 64,000 employees being furloughed.

KPBS In-Depth Coverage

U.S. Attorney Says Sequestration Cuts Could Make San Diego Less Safe

The U.S. Attorney for San Diego says sequestration cuts are about to hit her office hard. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy warns that she may have to pick and choose which offenders to prosecute if the cuts go through. Government lawyers and federal investigators face furloughs in the new fiscal year. Duffy says cuts to federal courts and probation officers could make San Diego less safe.

Sequestration Hits San Diego Refugee Resettlement Agencies

Across-the-board federal budget cuts are being felt locally by resettlement agencies and the refugees they help.

Sequestration Set To Hit San Diego's Low-Income Seniors

The sequestration fallout is set to reach one of San Diego’s most vulnerable populations — low-income seniors. The drastic cuts to vital programs could take effect starting July 1.

Finger Pointing As Obama, Republican Lawmakers Take No Action To Stop Sequestration

A combative President Barack Obama blamed Republican lawmakers Friday for failing to stop automatic spending cuts from beginning to kick in late in the day.

Economists See Budget Cuts Putting The Recovery At Risk

More than 95 percent of top U.S. economists believe growth is "likely to be negatively affected" by the automatic federal spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday, according to the latest survey by the National Association for Business Economics. San Diego economists weigh in.

California Braces For Deep Cuts From Federal Sequestration

California is bracing for massive cuts to federal spending from so-called sequestration, including a $3.2-billion hit to the region's defense industry, unless Congress acts by March 1.

San Diego Housing Services Bracing For Impact Of Sequestration

It’s well known that across-the-board federal budget cuts would have a huge impact on the defense industry. But social service programs would be affected as well.

Sequestration Cuts Will Slash Border Patrol, Hobble Border Trade

If Congress isn’t able to avoid the automatic budget cuts of sequestration on March 1, border protection and legitimate border traffic could suffer.

San Diego Tourism May Have Rough Landing If Sequester Goes Through

The San Diego region's military will suffer the most from federal budget cuts looming at the end of the week, but other economic sectors will suffer as well, including tourism.

San Diego Shipbuilding Workers Rally For Their Jobs

San Diego shipbuilders rallied to protect their jobs Friday morning.

Sequestration Fallout Looms Over San Diego

The debate continues over automatic spending cuts set to go into effect at the end of this month. Democratic Congressman Scott Peters, who just began his term representing San Diego's 52nd District, talks about what's needed to avoid the cuts.

Sequestration Won't Affect Military Pay (Video)

Pentagon officials say military pay and benefits would not be affected by sequestration.

San Diego Cancer Research At Risk As Sequestration Looms

Sequestration: It's not just about possible military cuts that could affect the San Diego region. San Diego is a hub for health science research, including cancer research. Spending cuts could affect grants used in this work and slow it down if the funds aren't available.

New Super PAC Defending Against Defense Cuts

San Diego’s economy depends heavily on federal military spending, so it’s not surprising a Super PAC to oppose military budget cuts has launched here. San Diego may not suffer significantly under defense cuts in the budget. But the battle will be fierce if bigger cuts, known as “sequestration,” are triggered by Congress’ failure to agree.

Congressman Scott Peters talks to KPBS about the impacts sequestration could have on the local economy.

Surrounded by first responders who may be impacted by looming budget cuts, U....

Surrounded by first responders who may be impacted by looming budget cuts, U.S. U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during an event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building February 19, 2013 in Washington, DC.