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Angela Carone

Cultural Enterprise Reporter

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Angela Carone covers arts and culture for KPBS and is the author of Culture Lust, the station's arts blog.

Angela has produced public radio programs focused on the arts for the Atlanta and San Diego markets. In this role, she has covered topics ranging from books, film, theater, music, visual arts and pop culture. She also has more than 15 years experience in print media, having been published in various newspapers, alternative weeklies, and exhibition catalogs.

Angela has degrees in political science from Pennsylvania State University and in English literature from Georgia State University. She is also a published photographer.

Recent Stories

Group Marches To Protest CHE Café Eviction

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The protesters delivered a petition to UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla to save the CHE Café. Last week a judge ruled in favor of UCSD after it sued the collective that runs the café for refusing to vacate the building.

Fraternity Culture Linked To College Sexual Assault Problem

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The attention paid to rape on campus has brought fraternity culture under a microscope. Sexual assault at fraternities is a serious problem that some universities and even some Greeks are starting to confront.

Sexual Assault Reports Increase At UCSD, USD

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The numbers were released under the Clery Act, which requires federally funded colleges and universities to publish statistics on campus safety.

DNA Test Exonerates CSU San Marcos Frat House Rape Suspect

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The Oceanside Police Department say a CSU San Marcos student accused of raping a female student at a fraternity house party has been cleared by a DNA test.

SDSU Student Reports Sexual Assault At Campus Apartment

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Saturday's reported sexual assault is the third attack involving a San Diego State University student this semester.

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San Diego Jazz Great Daniel Jackson Dead At 77

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Daniel Jackson, saxophonist, pianist, composer, and music teacher with a decades long career in the San Diego jazz scene, died Wednesday of a prolonged illness.

SDSU Beefs Up Sexual Assault Policies; Critics Ask Why It Took So Long

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While San Diego State University’s incoming freshman class spent the summer saying goodbye to high school friends, the school’s administrators were scrambling to react to a state investigation critical of the university's policies on sexual assault.

Proposed Law Says You've Got To Say 'Yes' Before There's Sexual Consent

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A bill making its way through the California Assembly aims to establish a new standard for consent and create uniform sexual assault policies at publicly funded California colleges and universities.

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The Wild True Tale Behind La Jolla Playhouse's 'Ether Dome'

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The La Jolla Playhouse’s new play "Ether Dome" shows how ambition, betrayal and drugs played a part in the discovery of anesthesia, which changed the course of medical history.

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New Timken Director Will Run Museum From New York

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The new director of the Timken Museum of Art will be based in New York City. He replaces John Wilson, who abruptly resigned two weeks ago after six years at the helm. KPBS looks at what this might mean for the future of this small but cherished museum in Balboa Park.

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