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Beth Ford Roth

Contributor through June 2015

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Blogger Beth Ford Roth was born into a military family and has covered issues important to service members and their loved ones for many years. She has worked as a broadcast journalist in both commercial television and public radio.

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Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 12

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Carlos reminded me he was far from an anomaly, as tens of thousands of service members continued to return home from combat, forever altered by what they had seen and experienced in war. He wanted the people who read the blog posts I wrote to know this. That was why he told me his story.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 11

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Carlos told me he and Logan had been to only one public sporting event since returning from Iraq. It was another Padres game, and the experience drained him.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 10

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Carlos said he knew Logan had a better sense of smell and hearing than he did, and trusted Logan to alert him of any danger – be it real or imagined - which allowed the Marine veteran to relax, even if only a little bit.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 9

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Carlos, who served in the Marines as a leader, teaching fellow Leathernecks the tools they’d need to survive in the war zone, decided to become a full-time trainer at Freedom Dogs, teaching Marines with PTSD how to survive their war wounds.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 8

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When Carlos first started attending training sessions at Freedom Dogs, he felt he didn’t fit in. Big reason: Carlos was afraid of dogs. He didn’t like them, and he believed they didn’t like him. In the tough, gang-infested Chicago streets where Carlos grew up, dogs were treated more as weapons than pets.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 7

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A critical care nurse and veteran’s daughter named Meribeth Russell started Freedom Dogs in 2006. Russell got the idea when she participated in a hospital study that found obese children who were able to bond with a therapy dog had an easier time losing weight.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 6

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Without the distractions of combat, symptoms of PTSD began plaguing Carlos’s everyday life. He began to drink heavily to blot out the depression and anxiety he was feeling. And the guilt.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 5

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In the days following the suicide car bombing in 2004, Carlos didn’t feel angry. He didn’t feel frightened. He didn’t even mourn the men who were so brutally killed that day. Carlos didn’t feel anything at all. He was completely numb.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 4

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There was a shyness about Carlos, despite his intimidating appearance. Muscles earned from years of required physical fitness bulged under his black shirt, his sleeves pushed up to his elbows to reveal a maze of tattoos covering both of his forearms.

Even The Devil Can't Fool A Dog - Part 3

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I first met Carlos Cruz in 2012, two weeks after he officially retired from the Marine Corps. It took quite a few email exchanges to nail down the time and day of our meeting. One of the most marked symptoms of the Traumatic Brain Injury Carlos suffered in the suicide attack is his inability to remember small details.

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