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Megan Burks

Reporter and Web Editor, Speak City Heights

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Megan Burks is a reporter and editor for Speak City Heights, a media collaborative focused on community health and quality of life issues in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

Before joining the collaborative, Megan wrote about City Heights for Daniel Weintraub’s, a statewide health news publication based out of Sacramento.

Megan was born and raised in El Cajon, California and graduated from San Diego State University, where she studied journalism and sociology. Her thesis looked at the media’s effects on attitudes toward immigrants. She interned with San Diego CityBeat and KPBS’ Envision San Diego.

Recent Stories

Suspended Chaldean Priest Continues To Work, Awaits Word From Pope

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The Rev. Noel Gorgis will continue serving the Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon despite his suspension. The head of the Chaldean church told him and other priests in the U.S. to return to Iraq or leave the church.

Chaldean Catholic Leader Suspends Priests Across Western U.S.

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The head of the Chaldean Catholic Church is calling for Iraqi-American priests who fled violence in Iraq to return home or leave the church. San Diego County Chaldeans say they will appeal to the Vatican to stop the action.

San Diego Hip-Hop Artists Teaming Up To Get Out The Vote Among Ex-Offenders

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The San Diego ACLU and local hip-hop artists are hosting a show Friday in Barrio Logan to get out the vote among the formerly incarcerated.

City Breaks Ground On One Of Two City Heights Skate Parks

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The City Heights neighborhood is seeing more investment in parks, thanks in large part to its vocal youth.

A Win For City Heights Refugees Wanting Culturally Competent Health Care

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City Heights refugees have spoken out in recent years about the need for better language interpretation at doctors' offices. They haven't succeeded yet, but a new law could push lawmakers over to their side.

San Diego Cab Owners Line Up At City Hall To Oppose Open Taxi Market

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With City Council chambers at capacity, hundreds line up on the street to make public comment on a proposal to lift the cap on taxis in San Diego.

Young Refugees In City Heights Learn Weaving From Their Elders

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About 1,800 refugees from Burma live in San Diego County. For older refugees, who have a harder time learning English, they can become isolated. A class called Homespun, where elders teach the traditional art of weaving, helps the young and old bond.

Death Of Al-Shabab Leader Is 'Great News' For San Diego Somalis

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Local Somalis concerned about the radicalization of American youth are relieved to hear the leader of al-Shabab is dead.

San Diego Airport Cabbies Must Pass The Smell Test – Literally

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Cab driver advocates say an airport regulation to protect customers from cabbie body odor stirs up racial stereotypes.

San Diego Councilwoman Proposing A Taxi Permit Free-For-All

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There could soon be a lot more cabs serving San Diego. Councilwoman Marti Emerald proposed lifting a cap on taxi permits, but current permit holders say the move could dry up their investments.

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