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Megan Burks

Reporter and Web Editor, Speak City Heights

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Megan Burks is a reporter and editor for Speak City Heights, a media collaborative focused on community health and quality of life issues in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

Before joining the collaborative, Megan wrote about City Heights for Daniel Weintraub’s, a statewide health news publication based out of Sacramento.

Megan was born and raised in El Cajon, California and graduated from San Diego State University, where she studied journalism and sociology. Her thesis looked at the media’s effects on attitudes toward immigrants. She interned with San Diego CityBeat and KPBS’ Envision San Diego.

Recent Stories

New San Diego Police Data Shows Little Change In Rate Of Stops For Black, Hispanic Drivers

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Councilwoman Marti Emerald has ordered an independent review of the Police Department's data.

Derelict San Diego Landlord Received $500K In Public Subsidies To House The Poor

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A San Diego landlord has come under scrutiny for renting apartments with roaches and mold, and some of those units are part of a federal program to house low-income residents.

Problem San Diego Landlord Sells Off Apartment Buildings

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A San Diego man who came under scrutiny following an investigation into repeat code violations at his properties appears to be getting out of the landlord business.

San Diego Mayor Pledges More Funds To Help Tenants With Problem Landlords

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer said he would beef up code enforcement following a KPBS and Voice of San Diego investigation that shows the city is leaving tenants in the lurch despite state protections against substandard housing conditions.

San Diego's Shoddy Code Enforcement Keeps Problem Landlords In Business

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San Diego's code compliance team issues thousands of isolated complaints a year against landlords but does little to hold repeat offenders accountable. Residents and city staff have lodged complaints against one landlord for years, but roaches and mold still fester in his apartments.

Study Sheds Light On Mid-City's 'Unauthorized, Uninsured' Immigrants

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A San Diego State demographer is taking a closer look at City Heights immigrants. A study out this month shows one in four children in the neighborhood has a parent without legal status.

San Diego Transit Agency Gives Final OK For Open Taxi Market

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The vote comes after years of contentious debate over how to reform the industry.

San Diego Council Members To Mayor: Make Our Neighborhoods A Budget Priority

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Budget season has arrived in San Diego. The City Council kicked off the six-month-long process Wednesday with a call for investment in neighborhoods south of Interstate 8.

After Two Decades, Mexico May Get Its Own International Cottage At Balboa Park

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Balboa Park's world got bigger when the San Diego Planning Commission approved adding nine cottages to the park's international village, including one to represent Mexico.

Glass Pool Enclosure At New Mid-City YMCA Poses Problem For Muslim Swimmers

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Mid-City's new YMCA boasts an impressive glass-enclosed swimming pool. The problem for this largely-immigrant community? It doesn't offer much privacy for Muslim women who want to swim and keep modest.

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