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Megan Burks

Reporter and Web Editor, Speak City Heights

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Megan Burks is a reporter and editor for Speak City Heights, a media collaborative focused on community health and quality of life issues in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

Before joining the collaborative, Megan wrote about City Heights for Daniel Weintraub’s, a statewide health news publication based out of Sacramento.

Megan was born and raised in El Cajon, California and graduated from San Diego State University, where she studied journalism and sociology. Her thesis looked at the media’s effects on attitudes toward immigrants. She interned with San Diego CityBeat and KPBS’ Envision San Diego.

Recent Stories

San Diego Police Chief To Present Progress On Federal Audit Recommendations

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The department has increased accountability and cultural sensitivity training for officers, but holes remain in its early warning system for problem officers.

Court Rules San Diego DA Must Extend Proposition 47 Benefits To Juveniles

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Under District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' interpretation of the law, minors could potentially get charges harsher than those doled out to adults for the same crime.

San Diego Improves Language Access For Renters Seeking Help With Problem Landlords

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A plan to beef up housing code enforcement and better reach renters is now underway in the city of San Diego.

El Cajon Boulevard Night Market Expanding

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First they reclaimed an old strip mall on El Cajon Boulevard. Now, young business owners are reclaiming Utah Street in San Diego's North Park neighborhood.

San Diego Taxi Lawsuit Still Pending As Officials Hand Out First New Permit

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Transit officials approved San Diego's first new taxi permit since the 1980s Tuesday, with hundreds more on deck.

City Heights Residents Celebrate Groundbreaking Of Transit Project

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Offered as reparations for extending Interstate 15 through City Heights, the Centerline project will help residents catch buses to job centers.

San Diego Airport, Rideshare Companies Strike Deal In Time For Comic-Con

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Uber and Lyft will join rideshare company Opoli at the airport after ending a dispute over background checks.

San Diego City Council OKs Plan To Turn Busy Street Into Park

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Zoning changes mean the four-lane Chollas Parkway could one day go from pavement to playground.

Domestic Violence Victim's Family Funds Programs For San Diego County Kids

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Kathy Scharbarth was killed in 2011 by an ex-boyfriend. Now her family is reaching out to other victims of domestic violence.

San Diego Police Give Inside Look At Training To Deter Racial Profiling

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For the first time, the San Diego Police Department is showing the public how it trains against racial profiling. A resident from southeastern San Diego went through the training and shared the experience.

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