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Megan Burks

Reporter and Web Editor, Speak City Heights

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Megan Burks is a reporter and editor for Speak City Heights, a media collaborative focused on community health and quality of life issues in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

Before joining the collaborative, Megan wrote about City Heights for Daniel Weintraub’s, a statewide health news publication based out of Sacramento.

Megan was born and raised in El Cajon, California and graduated from San Diego State University, where she studied journalism and sociology. Her thesis looked at the media’s effects on attitudes toward immigrants. She interned with San Diego CityBeat and KPBS’ Envision San Diego.

Recent Stories

Inside The Asylum Process That Could Bring More Iraqis To San Diego County

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El Cajon's Mark Arabo went from calling his congressman to working with the United Nations and its member countries to pull people out of Iraq. He wants the United States to bring more Iraqis to its shores, too.

San Diego's Taxi-Turned-Uber Drivers Get A New Lease On Life

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Official efforts to reform the taxi industry and respond to drivers' concerns have been slow-going. But Uber is ushering in change quickly, and taxi drivers are fleeing their costly leases to drive for the app instead.

San Diego Veterans Advocates Demand Answers From University Of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix could bar veterans from enrolling in at least one program at its San Diego campus. One veterans group wants answers or it will drop the school from its council.

Helping Hungry Kids Eat At Home When School Is Out

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Hungry kids aren't showing up to programs that exist to feed them when school — and free lunches — are done for the year. A new bill would give their parents extra food stamps to help them eat at home.

San Diego Committee Wants Worn-Out Cabs Off The Road

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The city's public safety committee is gaining some traction on taxi reform. It moved a proposal to cap the age of vehicles operating as taxis at 10 years, but is idling on others.

City Heights Residents Want A Grocery Store But Maybe Not El Super

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Albertsons caused an uproar when it left the so-called food desert in February. Now, a new supermarket is coming to City Heights, but residents aren't welcoming it with open arms.

San Diego Announces More Help For Homeless Veterans

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Volunteers at the annual Stand Down event expect to serve 1,000 homeless veterans over the weekend. This year, there's more funding to go around for those applying for rental assistance there.

More San Diego Refugee Girls Are College Bound, Flipping The Cultural Script

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Young men and women all over are beginning to pack up their childhood bedrooms to head off to college. But for many Somali refugee girls, they're breaking ties with more than just the comforts of home. They're breaking cultural norms.

City Heights Youth Will Have Their Skate Park

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City Heights youth have sustained a sophisticated campaign for a skate park for some time. Councilwoman Marti Emerald says they'll finally get their wish, thanks to a state grant.

Long Summer Days Challenging For San Diego Muslims Fasting For Ramadan

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San Diego Muslims will fast for 14 hours a day while worshippers in northern European countries, where the days are longer, will fast for around 20 hours.

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