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Sasha Doppelt

Contributor through December 2011

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When an intern in the KPBS Newsroom, Sasha wrote radio spots and adapted them into web articles. She recently relocated to San Diego from the Bay Area. She studied media theory at UC Berkeley and received her master’s in broadcasting from San Francisco State University. While at SF State, she taught studio production to undergraduate students in the broadcasting program.

Sasha is passionate about producing high quality media that educates and inspires, with a particular interest in issues of sustainability. Sasha has worked in radio and television as well as the government and non-profit sectors. She recently finished production on “Waterways,” a documentary film that follows the path of water from the mountains to the faucet. She spent the summer of 2010 in El Salvador shooting and editing a promotional video for a non-profit.

When not working, Sasha enjoys hiking, dancing, cooking and gardening.

Recent Stories

2011: San Diego's Top Education Stories

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On KPBS Midday Edition we'll look at San Diego's top education stories in 2011, from the threat of insolvency in SDUSD to budget cuts. We hear from our KPBS education reporter who covered the issues.

A Challenging Year For San Diego Growers

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How have water prices, labor shortages, and insects impacted San Diego growers in 20ll?

San Diego Breweries Toast To New Tasting Ordinance

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California's governor just signed a bill that relaxes regulations on San Diego's brewery tasting rooms. Will this change the brew landscape in San Diego?

Cleaning Up The San Diego Bay

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Who is responsible for cleaning up the toxic sludge in the San Diego Bay and how is this an environmental justice issue?

Mayor Sanders Launches Energy Conservation Program

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The "Reduce Then Produce" program offers discounted home energy upgrades and solar panel systems to help San Diego homeowners lower their energy usage.

Scripps Beach Boasts Upgraded Lifeguard Tower

A Scripps Beach lifeguard tower has been remodeled to increase lifeguards' ability to save lives.

Ocean Decline And How It Affects San Diego

Tease photo

How does ocean degradation affect us locally in San Diego in terms of water quality, water temperature and levels, weather, seafood, and economy? What is being done and what can you do to address these issues?

San Diegans Attempt To Balance Federal Budget

San Diegans broke up into small groups today at a public meeting sponsored by Congresswoman Susan Davis to try and address the U.S.'s budget woes.

Is The Ocean's Health Declining?

Tease photo

Water pollution, climate change, dead zones - all part of a report out on the health of the ocean, in part two of our three part series.

Padres Pledge Support for LGBT Student Athletes

The San Diego Padres are the first professional sports team to sign a contract promoting safe team environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender student athletes.

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