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Prop. 87 to Fund Alternative Energy through Oil Tax

Proposition 87 would tax oil production to reduce gas consumption and fund alternative energy research. Campaign contributions for and against the measure have already set state records. Host Gloria P

On November 7, Californians will be voting on 13 statewide propositions. One of the most bitter fights centers on Proposition 87, the oil tax measure. So far, more than $90 million has been spent on this proposition and is expected to set a spending record for a single initiative. 

So why this massive fight over a proposition that would tax California oil production to fund a $4 billion program to reduce gas and diesel consumption by 25 percent through incentives for alternative energy, education and training? Gloria Penner hears from both sides on Prop. 87. 


  • Shelley Luce, environmental scientist and engineer, director of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.
  • Tom Tanton, vice president and senior fellow with the Institute for Energy Research, policy adviser with the California Energy Commission.