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Prop. C Allows Outside Contractors to Compete for City Services

Mayor Jerry Sanders pledged to help fix San Diego’s massive financial problems when he took office last year. One of his solutions is Prop. C, which opens up city services to competition from the pri

When Jerry Sanders became mayor of San Diego last year during the breaking storm over San Diego’s massive financial problems and political corruption, he pledged to make things right. Control city expenses while making services more efficient. A major target: city work done by city employees. Sanders’ solution: open up city services to competition from the private sector. And leave it up to the voters to decide.

  Hence Proposition C, which asks: shall the charter be amended to allow the city to contract services traditionally performed by city civil service employees if determined to be more economical and efficient while maintaining the quality of services and protecting the public interest?


  • April Boling , past chair of the San Diego County Taxpayer’s Association.
  • Donald Cohen , executive director for the Center for Policy Initiatives.