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Lindbergh Field's Future Debated

Now that local voters have rejected Proposition A, it looks like San Diego will be stuck with Lindbergh Field for the next couple decades. What can we do with the current airport to meet the needs of

Lindbergh Field's Future Debated

Tom Fudge: Two weeks ago, San Diego voters roundly rejected a proposal to create a commercial airport at Miramar Air Station. On the face of it, that seems to indicate we’re satisfied with what we’ve got. But is Lindbergh Field good enough, and is the question of airport expansion still open? Are we saying that it either happens at Lindbergh or it doesn’t happen at all? We’re going to spend this hour talking about the future of air travel.


  • Alison St. John , Metro Reporter for KPBS News.
  • Steve Peace , senior advisor for JMI realty, and a former California State Senator.