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Gardening Advice for the Winter Months

The Winter Solstice has just occurred, bringing us another minute of light each day. But, we still have a ways to go before spring blooms anew. We speak with two gardening experts about how to garden

Gardening Advice for the Winter Months

Tom Fudge: Who says San Diego doesn’t have any seasons? We’re just a little more subtle around here. For gardening, that’s good, since our mild temperatures always allow something to grow, even in January. In most parts of our county, this is a time of rainfall and reduced sunlight. As you move east and gain altitude, frost becomes a factor.

Joining me for this entire hour to talk about gardening, winter tasks, and to answer your questions about caring for flora are Tom Piergrossi and Nan Sterman.



  • Tom Piergrossi , a wholesale nursery owner and host of the gardening show Down to Earth on the County Television Network.
  • Nan Sterman , a gardening expert and freelance writer.