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Iraq Deaths, Chargers, Audit Committee

This week, we discuss the death toll of American troops and what significance it has on the Bush administration's policies, the new Democratic Congress and the American people. We also discuss the con

Iraq Deaths, Chargers, Audit Committee

This week, we'll discuss the significance of the death toll for American troops surpassing 3,000 in Iraq and the possible impact on the Bush administration's policies. Will the American people and Congress support sending in more troops? 

Also, the Chargers are on the path to the Superbowl. Will the suitors come running? Will the team find a home in San Diego? We'll explore the latest possibilities of a move for the NFL's San Diego Chargers in their quest for a new stadium.

Plus, we'll examine a proposal before the San Diego City Council to form a new audit committee composed only of council members and charged with the task of supervising reform of the city's financial practices. Are elected politicians the right choice to oversee budgets, expenditures and operations?


  • John Warren, editor and publisher of San Diego Voice and Viewpoint
  • Tim McClain, editor of San Diego Metropolitan Magazine
  • Bob Kittle, editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Page