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IMAX Film Highlights Importance of Wetlands

Hurricane Katrina was in the making long before it struck land in August of 2005. A new IMAX film tells the story of Louisiana’s vanishing wetlands and their role in buffering storms.

The devastating Hurricane Katrina was simmering beneath the steamy surface of the swamp lands long before the storm reached land on August 29, 2005. A new IMAX film coming to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center tells the story of the vanishing wetlands and how they act as a buffer in a storm surge. On Full Focus , we learn of the environmental, economic, and recreational importance of these marshy places.

The film, Hurricane on the Bayou , deals with the impact of shrinking wetlands in Louisiana. But just what are wetlands? What is the human impact on San Diego's wetlands? What can you do to protect them?


  • Amanda Shaw , star of Hurricane on the Bayou ,16-year-old Cajun fiddle prodigy, Hurricane Katrina survivor and environmental activist for the disappearing Louisiana wetlands.
  •   Shara Fisler, founder and executive director of Aquatic Adventures which provides experiential learning to connect youth to science.