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Ailing San Diego River Up for Revival

Reporter Rebecca Tolin talks with the new executive director of the San Diego River Conservancy about their efforts to revive the San Diego River.

This segment originally aired November 21, 2006.

San Diego is known for its beaches and bays, but what about its namesake river? Indian tribes and Yankee settlers relied on the San Diego River as a vital natural resource. But as residents began importing water in the 19th century, San Diego turned its back on the 52-mile waterway. Today, there is a push to revive the ailing river. The San Diego River Conservancy has a new executive director. Michael Nelson is a one-man agency with a $290,000 budget. Reporter Rebecca Tolin talked with Nelson on the river bank at the Old Mission Dam.

The San Diego River Conservancy was created in 2002. It's one of nine state-chartered conservancies aimed at enhancing significant natural resources.