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SDSU Discusses Plans to Accommodate Future Growth

SDSU plans to increase enrollment to nearly 45,000 students by 2025. Does the university have a realistic plan in place to accommodate the additional students? We speak to an SDSU spokesman and archit

SDSU Discusses Plans to Accommodate Future Growth

(Photo: Proposed development area north of Interstate 8, marked in red, SDSU)
Alison St John (Guest Host): San Diego State University has received a record 57,000 applications for less than 9 thousand available spots for the fall 2007 term. That's a nine percent increase over last year's applicants.

This is not just because San Diego is a popular choice for students. It's a glimpse of the massive wave of demand for places at colleges and universities that will sweep over the state in the next decade. Colleges all over California are scrambling to find ways to absorb half a million more students than they have now in the next six years.  


San Diego State University has modified its master plan to accommodate an extra 10,000 students. The last master plan came under fire for not taking into account how the huge increase would affect local residents and traffic in the community.


  • Jack Beresford, assistant vice president of marketing and communications for SDSU. 
  • Tony Fulton, university architect for SDSU.