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Experts Agree America's Infrastructure Demands Repair

The recent Minnesota interstate bridge collapse raises serious concerns about the state of America's infrastructure involving everything from bridges to highways, dams, levees, and buildings. A public

Experts Agree America's Infrastructure Demands Repair

Maureen Cavanaugh (Guest Host): The recent interstate bridge collapse in Minneapolis that killed at least five people underscores the need for some serious discussion in this country about America's crumbling infrastructure; a discussion of what's to be done about our aging bridges, dams, railroads, highways, buildings, airports and more. It's a conversation no one seems to want to have; least of all our political leaders.

That's because the choices to be made involve setting priorities and spending money, lots of it, for things most of us take for granted and would really rather not have to think about or pay for. But as we've seen, the alternative is costly too, in terms of human lives.


To read the American Society of Civil Engineers' "Report Card for America's Infrastructure," please click here .

  • Richard Little , director of the University of Southern California's Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy.
  • Clark Fernon, San Diego section secretary of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a board member of the American Public Works Association.
  • Rich Haas , deputy chief for Public Works for the City of San Diego.