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San Diego Weighs New and Old Urbanism in its Future Urban Planning

What kind of a city does San Diego want to be? Out guest says that civic leaders have only been able to suggest that we not be Los Angeles. He says San Diego needs to have a better vision for its futu

San Diego Weighs New and Old Urbanism in its Future Urban Planning

Tom Fudge: When people come to visit San Diego, they're certainly impressed by the beauty of the landscape. But what do they think of the cityscape? The streets are wide, the traffic moves fast, and an awful lot of neighborhoods seem very pedestrian and transit unfriendly.

A new movement in architecture called "new urbanism" is trying to address the suburbanization of America's urban places. But do people accept the idea that they don't need their cars for everything? Also, how has San Diego done in creating a vision for what kind of a city it wants to be?


These are some questions that local urban planners have asked themselves. Many local architects are devoted to creating a San Diego that’s more human-scale, and to redeveloping the older parts of town.


  • Howard Blackson, urban designer and managing director of the Re-urbansim Group. He's also co-chairman of the San Diego Council of Design Professionals.