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Cast and Crew Say Goodbye to The Wire

For the fans of the HBO show

The Wire , January 6, 2008 can't come fast enough. Full disclosure: I could be the president of The Wire's Totally Obsessed Fan Club, or TWTOFB. This critical darling of a television show begins its fifth and final season on January 6th, taking

David Simon's vision of charting the American city to its closing chapter.


The final episode ever was shot last Friday and it was an emotional moment for the creators and crew who had come to think of themselves as one big family. You can read about that last day of shooting here .

The article does reveal some details about the final season. As each past season has focused on an aspect of urban existence -- the inner city drug problem, the death of the working class, city hall, and public education -- this fifth season will focus on the media. Simon's experience as a long-time crime reporter in Baltimore should serve him well. A new cast member will play a seasoned reporter - his name is Tom McCarthy . The fact that he wrote and directed The Station Agent, a great little film, is promising.

Also, there is a hilarious interview with David Simon in the August issue of The Believer . It's a conversation between Simon and Nick Hornby . Simon is quite chatty, abrasive, and really, really smart.