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Larry Becomes Lana then Becomes Larry Again, DRATS!

I was buzzing around the office yesterday, hopped up on caffeine and news from the blogosphere that filmmaker

Larry Wachowski , of the

Wachowski brothers and


The Matrix films, had undergone gender re-assignment surgery and was now going to be known as Lana. Love

Lana Turner . I wanted to speculate about what this would mean to all the

Matrix fanboys, but none of my colleagues seemed to care, busy as they were covering the news and stuff. Jeesh. Don't they know a good story when they hear one?

KPBS film critic Beth Accomando was willing to indulge me for a minute. She's a huge Matrix fan, but seem truly unfazed. She didn't think it would be a big deal with the fans. Really? They won't care? I mean all the guns and girls in leather? They don't identify with the films from a very male perspective? A perspective that likely doesn't include empathy with gender re-assignment? She just smiled, as if to say, you would be surprised. Either that, or she was pitying me as a sad, naive creature sheltered from the progressive thinking that permeates fanboy culture. Probably, a little of both.

Well, I woke up this morning to this news . It's not true. Larry remains Larry. Although, the blogosphere is still speculating that it could be true, since there have been no direct quotes from the Wachowski's themselves.