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Tom Wolfe on Entourage as Imagined by McSweeney's

Entourage's Johnny Drama, played by Kevin Dillon

Love this piece from Blair Becker on McSweeney's - it's a review of the HBO show Entourage , as written by literary extravagant Tom Wolfe .

Best "Wolfesque" writing on the characters of Entourage :


"These are the new crusaders of cool. They are perpetually late to meet with representation, to accept graft, to sign hedge-fund-sized checks, and to slip into bed with stargazing young actresses. They are late to everything except success, their laissez-faire nonchalance a testament to the fuck-off patois of a generation. These insolent pop pilgrims provide a window into the machismo-fueled fantasy world of meteoric laziness."

And if Tom Wolfe were to watch Entourage , Becker imagines he would watch it for Johnny Drama .