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Dianne Feinstein Investigates What Worked During Wildfires


Senator Dianne Feinstein assembles state and local officials to discuss building and zoning policies that affect fire-prevention efforts. KPBS News reporter Andrew Phelps joins us live from the meetin

Dianne Feinstein Investigates What Worked During Wildfires
(Photo: The aftermath of the wildfire in Rancho Bernardo, courtesy of Alison St John )

Tom Fudge:

In less than a half hour, members of Congress will commence a hearing in San Diego on the cause and the efforts to fight and prevent last month's wildfires. The hearing will be convened by the Senate's Interior Appropriations Subcommittee , chaired by California Senator Diane Feinstein . San Diego
Congressman Bob Filner will also be in attendance.

Members of the Senate subcommittee will hear testimony from local officials, such as County Supervisor Ron Roberts and San Diego Farm Bureau President Eric Larson. State officials will also give their points of view. Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner is expected to be there.