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Couples and Money: Learning to Fight Fair

One of the main reasons that couples argue is money. For many, tension over money will lead to divorce. But knowing how to talk about and manage money can strengthen a relationship and lead to better

Couples and Money: Learning to Fight Fair

Tom Fudge: What can lead to tension in marriage? A lot of things. The top of the list seems to be children, sex and money, but not necessarily in that order. In fact, many studies show that money is the source of most arguments that couples have.

Now you can look at that in many ways. You might say that at least couples are talking about it, even if the discussions become argumentative. But arguing about money doesn't necessarily mean you're coming to terms on your differences. And differences over finance can and do lead to the break-up of marriages. Sometime this is due to different habits and philosophies people have about using money. Sometimes it occurs when people get into a relationship and one of them, unbeknownst to the other, brings with him or her a load of debt.



David Peters , a licensed family therapist with a private practice in San Diego.

Jean Sinclair, certified financial planner and the managing member of Avenue Advisors , an independent financial advisory firm.