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Chief Beer officer

"And what do you want to be went you grow up, Scott?"
"I want to be Chief Beer Officer for the Sheraton Hotel chain."
"I'm sorry, honey, but there is no such profession..."

Oh, how wrong that adult counselor was! Scott Kerksman did indeed grow up to be Chief Beer Officer for the Sheraton Hotels and we heard all about it on Morning Edition. And, he doesn't just taste those beers. He drinks them.

After all the stories on the primaries, it was kind of startling to hear President Bush this morning. Good Heavens, he's still the President! You can hear him talking to reporters in Africa about the distinction between a US military base and a US military headquarters. Good luck with that one...


I must admit I find myself utterly fascinated with this story about the satellite that needs to be shot down before it lands on us next month. NPR and other news outlets seem to mention it very casually. "Oh, by the way, the Navy will be shooting a missile at a falling satellite so it doesn't crash on someone's head and release toxic fumes." I understand there's no reason to panic, but it's kind of a wild and crazy story. I think we'll hear more about it if they miss.

Get those sandbags ready...Stormy weather, keeps rainin' all the time.