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Major League Baseball Tries to Hit a Grand Slam In China

What were the highlights from the Padres' trip to Beijing? We speak to Mark Zeigler of the “San Diego Union-Tribune,” about the Padres' two-game exhibition series in China. We talk to Zeigler about

Major League Baseball Tries to Hit a Grand Slam In China

Tom Fudge: The San Diego Padres held a two-game series with the Dodgers over the past week. The Pads did pretty well. They had one win, and one tie. A tie baseball game…so you've never heard of that? Well, maybe you've never heard of the Major League playing in China, either.

The Padres were in Beijing , playing their exhibition games in China's new Wukesong Stadium. That's the baseball stadium they'll use for the coming Olympics . But Major League Baseball is hoping the game will survive in China beyond the Olympics. The Padres are now back at spring training in Peoria, Arizona. But Union Tribune reporter Mark Ziegler, who covered the China trip, is still over there. Maybe he still hasn't seen the Great Wall, and wanted to catch a tourist bus.



  • Mark Zeigler , sports reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune . Mark is talking to us from Beijing, China where he has been covering the San Diego Padres over the last few days.